Monday, November 28, 2011

The Most Important phrases for being Vegan while in Korea~

     A lot of people learn the general "고기없이" which literally means "Meat in this?"

The MOST important statement (the one that has saved me over and over" is saying "I can't eat____" versus "I don't eat"  or "I won't eat."

Learn this~
"______ 못먹어요." ~"I can't eat _____."

Sub in any animal goods to just clear this up~
1. 고기 (gogi) meat
2. 소고기 (so gogi) beef
3. 돼지고기 (dweji gogi) pork
4. 닭 (dak) chicken
5. 생선 (sang seon) fish
6. 해물 (haemul) oyster/scallop
7. 오징어 (oh jing-oh) squid/ fishcake
8. 문어 (moonoh) octopus
9. 새우 (sayoo) shrimp

Here are some common Animal products~
1. 치즈 (chee-juh) cheese
2. 우유 (oo-yoo) milk
3. 크림 (kuhream) cream
4. 버터 (buhtuh) butter
5. 계란 (gaeran) egg

Here is how to ask that something be made WITHOUT something/a certain ingredient.
"_______ 빼고 만들어 주세요."~ "______ bbaego mandeuloh jusay-yo."

Vegan (and veggie) survival phrases!!~

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