Tuesday, November 22, 2011

brief update...

     I wish I had more to share to get people up to date...there are some new things("") in my life that have inspired a lot of joy and productivity. ^^*!~
I've got a bunch of sketches already done, in the works, in progress, etc. I've been more than lucky to have someone model for me!! (thankye!)

     BUT along with that, I've been super busy and...functional! Happily functional, pleasant and content. I'm walking a lot, getting those endorphins up (and reminding them that they're alive) and getting the natural coolness of the weather to get me a bit more inspired.
     I still need to work on getting some sort of regular sleep pattern, I've been putting much more effort into getting rest but getting my eyes to shut and this mind to slumber off is proving to be more of a challenge. For about two weeks I was doing well but I'm not sure what's going on...I'll blame it on the butterflies!

     I have been snuggling with the kids more, been spending more time with friends, keeping my weekdays to productive motions...Sundays have officially become beyond-chill days (not angry about that AT ALL)!

     ~~I'm happier...focusing on keeping it that way~

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