Wednesday, November 16, 2011

positive Strides~~

     I've been absent and away from blogging usuals~ what's with that?!
The past few weeks remain an ever increasing high and positive state of being. My healthy, fun, new sleep pattern is honestly dwindling but outside of that, I've been in such a great place! ^^* (knock on wood eh!) I've been socializing much more, and have been taking my own personal 'hell yea' risks! Allowing my heart to just be, and open up has been a-struggle or cautionary path but...hell it's there and it wants to exist and be acknowledged and used. So it's doing it's thing.
     Not stating that it's out there loving on everyone or even doing that "I'm completely in-love with you" jumbo but it's opening itself up again...I'm opening it up again. I've found myself more present with friends, with family, with work...with myself. Granted there's always room for growth and improvement but being in the place I have been for such a period of time is...I'm very grateful.

     I'm in a place where I'm loving life and excited for the next things and plans that will go into action~

Here's to the uphill hike! (and this time, I've already got hiking shoes on!) ^^*!~

(ahhh, in terms of the began theme~~) I've got nothing worth posting or sharing...unless you've never seen cucumbers and carrots >.<*

I've been drinking loads of tea (LOADS), mediocre Korean "coffee", and the same wine~

Vegan noms will be soon as there's something worth showing~

Seriously, everyday same thing: a cut up carrotand cucumber with some 쌈장 (ssam jang).
아, wait for it....

Hope all is well for all of y'all...^^*~

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