Friday, October 29, 2010


Thursday was so fun....and such a long day~~!
I had to go to Insadong (인사덩) and get my registration card, then book it back to work, open my bank account over break, decorate the school for the Halloween party, and lots of lesson planning...continuing really. I had to set up more for the BIG HALLOWEEN day....(later post) then after work to Nowon (노훤)!
Walked over around 7, to discover that it woul dtake a hella lot longer to truck it over, (about 30 minutes, and it's COLD here now) but caught a bus that took me directly to Lotte World...just hectic, but good. I was anxious, excited, ready for what was to come..whatever it would be, pretty confident it would be fun no matter*!~
When I got to Lotte, completely overwhelmed and...GAHHH All this stuff going on so close to me, and I've been kicking it in Junggye where there's only Hagwons (학원)...Lotte is huge, so meeting Jin where he was...wherever he was, I looked more than idiotic and felt increasingly simple minded to fail at accurate locating.....HE came to me, couldn't find me, I found him..ㅎㅎ
Anyways, wandered and found some yummy Vegan eats!!
We went to this tiny place that served jeon (전) and mmuk (묵). Mmuk is acorn jelly and...yumm! I love this stuff. The texture is weird to a lot of people, it's not slimy, firmer jello...I wish I could describe it well..but...We got some kimchi to start off, this was the banchan (반찬) bit..
kimchi, pickled onions, and makali (마카리)
photo taken by VeganBeats
 This stuff, the mmuk...ahhh, ahhh, I LOVE this stuff. I really need to learn how to make it from scratch! It's only acorn powder and water (I think) but I can't find acorn powder...and I've heard it's a bit tricky. Funny, the fewer the ingredients, the more difficult it is to master...)O:
mmuk (묵) maybe this is 도톨묵무침)
photo taken by VeganBeats
 It was spicey, crunchy, flight, and it felt good eating, my body was definately thanking me*!~
This is the variety of jeon (전) and other fried veggies we got...Jin asked they make it with no egg...and with a promise of cash versus plastic...we got ultra crunchy nummy veggies*!~
There is fish on the left side...not for me...but the ajumas were doing so much already who am I to insult?!~
:O)  the kimchi jeon was so good*!~
photo taken by VeganBeats
I'm such an awful person, taking photos of mid-nomming...though this was a pose*!~ Good sports all around, chyea*!~
"so yummy!"
photo taken by VeganBeats
Venturing to new places, finding hole in the wall places, having BOMB Korean eats and beautiful Seouls....Regardless of the busy non-stop rushing day,..I had a blast*!~

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