Saturday, October 30, 2010

순두부 and a bit sick )O:

ahhh I'm sick )O:

grumble grumble....
I have spent the entire day sleeping, relaxing and taking it more than easy, but hell, it's nearly 9pm, I've been inside all day...not my character...out...again*!~
Also, it's Halloween weekend, it would be more than out of character for I to stay in, to not celebrate the GREATEST holiday ever....tonight I will be a superhero...a pretty laid back one, Halloween isn't popular at all in Korea...)O:
My inspiration, KickAss, if only I could be as badass as the many other ways I am.

Whoa, I can tell my English is getting a bit sloppy.....
Anyways, today I did some quick cooking to help out with this lame sickness deal...I made soon dubu (spicey tofu stew) 순두부 and for a first time, it turned out pretty yummy! I mean, it was just what this sick woman needed. I haven't been sick in years, so this hit me really hard, ahhh common cold.
순두부 could have been spicier...
photo taken by VeganBeats
My apartment was rather dark, so poor quality photo (how many times will I complain about this until I splurge and spoil myself with a good camera?)
Anyways, it was spicey, comforting, and just what my body needed....

Anyways, will update later, much love*!~

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