Sunday, October 10, 2010

Oh Sae Gye Hyang, 오 세계향

Friday marked the end of a stressful week, I love my students and my coworkers, but there is no denying I wanted time to just...not be watched. I've been spending a lot of time with myself, and as stressful as that usually is, I actually had a good time, but I was looking forward to kicking it with some good people...and of course I'm fortunate enough to have Jaxs also in Seoul!!! Jaxs and I have been best friends since sixteen and we parted ways in college but still reconnected via phone, facebook, and we're across the world, in the same city together!! Jaxs is a vegetarian and has been much better introduced to the vegan restos in the area...We decided to meet in Insadong and check out a new place! Oh ahd this was my first time tackling the subway system free of guide...proud to say I didn't get lost once!!

Insadong is very busy, very cute...there was a street right off of the station full of so many shops, food stands, clothing, etc...but the resto we went to was nestled in a very cute area that branched off of the busy shopping street. It loked like tradiational Korea, quiet, old style buildings...cozy.

photo taken by VeganBeats

 The resto we went to is pronounced Oh-sae-gae-hyang, I am so glad we went here! 
Seating is traditional, so low tables, thin cushions and fake flowered filled tables. I remember as a child going to other Korean households and thinking the tables were so silly. They are very classy and clearly expensive, and with a glass section on top and always inside, there are these cheap brightly colored fake flowers...

photo taken by VeganBeats

Anyways, right away we were served some rice tea and Jaxs and I were immediatley overwhelmed with what we should order. We decided on several things..I am so glad I went with someone. If I had gone alone, I'd have so much to bring back with me.
We decided to order the vegetarian barbeque with rice (8000W). This dish was very flavorful, a little sweet too. It was texturized vegetable protein cut thinly like bulgogi and was served with slabs of king oyster mushrooms on top. The rice was actually purple bean rice, pretty, flavorful, and much healthier than white rice!!

photo taken by VeganBeats

We went for the hot soup with vegetables and mushrooms (7000W), similar to kimchi jigae! We haven't been able to have ANY soups here because everyone uses fish, beef, or chicken stock...and I LOVE kimchi Jigae...
This was my favorite dish, there were chunks of turnip that maintained shape but help so much flavor and fell apart in your mouth. There was a gradual heat in the broth that made Jaxs and I feel healthier and awake. Seriously!!! There were lots of enoki mushrooms that gave a very good texture, similar to noodles, but healthier! The cabbage was a kiss of sweet, just a great dish, I'm taking the hour long subway ride JUST for this soup.

photo taken by VeganBeats

The next thing we ordered was vegetable mandu (7000W) This is purely a trip down memory lane for Jaxs and I. In highschool she would come over and my mother, her and myself would just kick it and make vegan mandu from scratch. It was the first Korean dish she ever had...This was super tasty! The filling was solid enough that it didn't fall apart...if you've ever made mandu before, the filling and the preperation are very important. IF there is too much liquid you can't fill the wrap that much, the mandu doesn't stay closed, it cooked unevenly..etc etc etc. This was full of flavor, so many textures.

photo taken by VeganBeats

The entire meal came with a lot of banchan (Korean small side dishes) and they were all amazing. The server came out with a platter full of greens, such as baby romaine, dandelion greens, and sesame leaves. This is used to wrap the rice and kimchi or barbeque protein/etc and eat in one bite. I always like digging into what I'm eating, and I love lettuce, so my eyes were feasting with this greens platter! We also got some lotus root, spicey mushrooms, kimchi, seaweed and cucumber, spinach and soy, bean sauce, chajang, and soy sauce. (cucumber seaweed top left, lotus root in the middle, spicey mushrooms bottom left)

photo taken by VeganBeats
This is the spread (apologies for fuzzy pictures.)There were a lot of people int he resuraunt also, and the owners were so kind. Turns out they own the vegan chain resturaunts throughout Seoul, Loving Hut.
I highly recommend this place, it only was 22000W (about $20 US) and such good quality food. My body was so thankful after this, I had energy, felt sprite! It's near Anguk station of Line 3. This is their website if you want to check it out!!

All in all a Wonderful experience, tackled the subway line, had some wonderful food, and reconnected with Jaxs...I already feel the Seoul searching in action!!!

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  1. Hi Vegan Beats.
    I'm a vegetarian and planning to visit Korea next month.
    May I know how to get here with the subway or bus? I will stay near the Chongmuro subway. Since me and husband cannot read and speak in Korean. So I think it will be difficult for us to find this place.
    Do you know any other recommended vegetarian food? Thanks