Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some 콩국수 Kongguksu and 김밥 kimbop

The other day while running errands, it slipped my mind I was so weak and tired. I was out of the house since 7am just exploring, wandering, people watching, kicking it really, it was nearing 3, I hadn't eaten and all my stuff was really wearing me out. Fuel, needed fuel.
I stopped at a food court *I cringe at this...but food courts are not nearly the same as American ones...* Scrolling through all the Korean I know (not much) I managed to say "I can't eat meat, chicken, fish, or egg, I have an allergy, I cannot eat meat, chicken, fish or egg." This super sweet ajuma hooked me up with the summer dish of Kong-guk-su.

photo taken by VeganBeats

I didn't touch the kimchi, who knows if there was baby shrimp or fish in it, but the kong-guk-su really hit the spot! It was cool, healthy, and a hint of salty. It was served with a side dish of salt and of course the kimchi. And this was a HUGE portion, I paid 3500W, about $3 USdollars.

photo taken by VeganBeats
Later that night, again I did the same thing. Forgot to refuel. Was cleaning my apartment, writing, reading, and more wandering...my stomach started lurching and then it hit me...so I stopped into this tiny place across the street from me called "KIMBOP." Kimbop is seasoned vegetables and meats all wrapped in rice and kim/laver, It is similar to sushi, except the vegetables aren't raw, everything is cooked and prepped....and yummy!
The ajashi who owned the place was really kind and when I explained to him my dietary lifestyle in as much broken Korean as I could muster, he let me point to what I wanted in my kimbop. I brought some of my own kimchi with me and he hooked me up! I got yaetchae (vegetable) kimbop and my own kimchi kimbop. 
The kimchi kimbop was sooo good, he put in some sesame leaves so there was an extra tang to it, I love sesame leaves so...as embarassing as it is I couldn't hide my excitment and let out a small yelp of happiness. This ajashi laughed at me too much, but hooked me up. I only spent 4000W for all this and he even gave me some extra veggies! So only about $3.50ish US Dollars.

Must remember to refuel...and luckily I found some extra spots that my vegan tummy can tolerate!

I leave you with a sign I found at the subway...

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  1. I am sooo thrilled to have another vegan blogger here in Korea with me! You seem to be doing great with navigating the vegan Korean food scene. I love kong-guk-su! Keep it up and don't stop blogging~