Monday, July 16, 2012

Vegan Crunk'n and in need of somethin'

     When you drink, what do you eat? Most people, especially in Korea, go for animal bits and pieces. Eating and drinking is a HUGE part all over the world. But Seoul-side...what's a vegan gal to do?
     There are classics, the essentials, the delicious and not to girthy, dotori muk, acorn jelly salad!
glory~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     It's great for a million reasons, even when I'm not throwing back alcohol, I'm secretly spying for places that have this! I LOVE's got an interesting texture, super light, spicy, full of veggies, and slurp-worthy! yummm~
      Another easy vegan/veggie way to pack the tummy whilst marinating it...steamed tofu and kimchi. Make sure to ask if the kimchi is fried in butter, with pork, or has fishies in it! A lot of the time...vegan kids pull of lucky.
steamed tofu and kimchi~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     Usually, I go for the drink on empty route, but every so is absolutely necessary and these are the two dishes that most, if not all Korean alcohol places always have available!! The Tofu kimchi is much heavier...but the body wants what it wants...


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