Thursday, July 5, 2012

Just a little bit of Sunshine~

photo taken by VeganBeats
     Ahhh~ so this week marks a break in my heavy work load and I'll be actually having afternoons!! I won't be kicking it homeside at 10 or 11 anymore...^ㅊ^*
     Gaining some extra time has definitely gotten me all sorts of eager and excited, maybe I'll start seeing friends more?! It's gotten me reflecting and attempting to be a bit more mindful, soak in that sun and load up on Vitamin D! I've also got some exciting things waiting around the bend, one being the Philippines!! Another VeganBeatin' destination is happening and I cannot wait to get a bit more culture and world lessons under my belt! I've missed traveling, it's been far too long since I've left this country for something new!
     I've also got three spanking new sketchbooks teasing me...creativity has been working itself up, marinating my overworked brain and life has been pointing to dispelling that ish all over some nude sheets! Creative it!
     More time to devote to yoga, seeing the sun, stretching my legs elsewhere (besides subway tunnels and in between shifts), getting to have mindful meals (eating carrots on the subway sucks), daytime snuggles with my kids (Hamlet and 고구마)!!!!
     I'm on another positive upswing, mostly because there is SO much potential, at least lots of parts are feeling so due to time...placebo or whatnot, I'll take it! Positive jam is so much sweeter than that sour shiz!!
     Ahhh another great thing~ I got to do a piece for the talented Black Ilumin and it may very well be in his music video (it's in the works), we filmed it last weekend and I AM STOKED!!! Not only did he let me throw my creative jam on his walls, he granted me an artistic opportunity and freedom while letting me be a part of his MV and own musical projects (thanks Black Ilumin!)
     More, Hamlet is much healthier and back to her cuddly and lovey self!!!

It may be raining outside, but brightness ignites~~to think last week was blue skies?~!~
photo taken by VeganBeats~

More silverlinings~ the weekend is right around the bend...greatness is never dying...potential never disappears~

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