Monday, July 30, 2012

Beautiful Stars: Black Ilumin's Newest MV drops August 1st

     A couple weeks ago, I had the honor and freedom to do some artwork for Black Ilumin, a very talented and solid-Seouled hiphop artist. I've written about his talent before and am so glad that I've gotten the world of hiphop gifted to me through the likes of Scotty Seoul, Jkea Pains (Jake Pains), Wisecrue, and him.
     I'm more than happy that art has re-entered my life, and so grateful that I'm surrounded by like-minded artists, dream makers and chasers, beat makers, musicians, and photographers that not only have embraced my goals but support them as well! Having the opportunity to create something, be a part of something, and have something featured has brought a lot of warmth to my heart.  
me and the piece I did of Venus, goddess doesn't even sum her up~ photo by Jesse Lord
     My piece, along with some other amazing creations will be featured and shown (promoted and supported) through Black Ilumin's "Beautiful Stars" music video that drops on the first of August! Being a part of the video and the shooting was a blast! This MV was a beautiful collaboration promoting m\lots of love and an organic and real approach.

"You Are Awesome" is fact...and how all of us felt when wrapping up this shoot, and even still now!

     For a beautiful project, wonderful collaboration, and all sorts of brilliance, make sure to check out Black Ilumin, his music video for "Beautiful Stars", and have a look see at all the talent that worked together to support some Beautiful Stars~~

You can download "Beautiful Stars" at~ You can download the song:

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