Sunday, February 6, 2011

홍대,진구 time, and food cracking ^^*!~

     After a couple days of heavy family time, this woman was craving some 친구 time...and of course my body was missing some serious dancing, which means~>홍대!!
I've generally nervous about going to 홍대, which sucks, because I do really love that part of town. There is so much life, things to do, places to check out, and funky nooks...along with really interesting people, not to mention a whole slew of cafes!! People watching is never disappointing when in 홍대!!
     I haven't been as active as I should be and that has been heavily reflecting my general mood, endorphins need to be shaken up. I get in this cycle of feeling really self-conscious and uncomfortable so I don't go outside, and then I am not active, and my endorphins aren't being built up or anything...continuous. Anyways, dancing and 홍대 and time with friends is all you need to fix that up ^^*!~
     Anyways, met up with Stephie and some new friends and we wanderd into Mama Gorillas, yes, the owner's of Papa Gorillas have opened a NEW lounge bar about three minutes from the original location. It's really chill, lots of tables, and dancing was pretty dead a bit early...I usually don't hit it to 홍대 until 11:30 or midnight, was there around 11...but it picked up! Then to the staple place, my original kick it spot, Papas...needless to even say, 소주, lots of dancing,  pump worthy music, and good crew. It was a little slow, so we went back to mamas to meet up with some more of our crew, eventually ended up back at papas..more dancing, more laughing, and as always...didn't get home until 8am...
ahhh 홍대 사랑하요!!
     Won't go into detail, but positive directions, positive moves...
          Then earlier today met up with a new 진구 over at 혀화 statin for some coffee and chill time. Productive day, got my walking, my dancing, my laughing, and my movement in....
Anyways, being a vegan blog (if I did the math, I feel like this may sadly become a 홍대 love blog...eeeeehhh) here some vegan noms I made up a while ago~>

I got a bit motivated and on account that I'm moving soon (Woot woot^^*!~) I thought I'd better get to doing something with the gluten flour I had sitting snuggley in my made a load of seitan steaks...
seitan! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
 I have to work on mastering this, they came out really juicey and full of flavor...but they almost broke apart, I baked (cough toasted several time sover cough), pan friend, and steamed a bunch...ehhhh
호박전 (photo taken by VeganBeats)
 Classic, easy, and reminds me home...zucchini pancakes...^^*!~
random steamed 야채 with a soy sauce garlic glaze (photo taken by VeganBeats)
Steaming veggies is all too easy and simple...This was a lot of spinach, cabbage, turnip, a bit of mushrooms, and loads of garlic!!! The sauce was a simple 2:1 mixture of soy sauce and sesame oil, about 1T sesame seeds, 1-2 cloves of garlic, 1tsp of agave nectar, and 1-2 tsp of hot pepper flakes...^^*!~
It's Saturday and this woman is straight up chilling...finished a book today, hung out with friends, wandered, explored, did some yoga...wrote....and drank plenty of tea and coffee....

and about to hold my own dance party...soon enough, I will be closer to people...준개 you suck...)O:

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