Friday, February 11, 2011

Animal street...road of disgust

  Animal street, a place near 동대문 where you can get all sorts of animals, my heart literally dropped and melted. Tons of supremely young animals stuck in cages being eyed
at...I wanted to take everyone home...but I'd only be supporting an inconsiderate industry...

     Without a doubt there is a whole slew of Animal abuse that occurs throughout the world, being disconnected with animals and the fact that they also are emotional loving beings is a "blissful" ignorance that many willingly eccept. My friend brought me here thinking "세희 you like animals right? I will take you to aplace where you will like."
     He didn't understand that liking animals involves caring for their general well-being...he didn't understand why I was getting upset and angry. Hundreds of animals were crammed into cages, being sold by googley eyed mis-informed individuals enjoying the idea of having something so cute in their posession. Not only are animals bought for their looks but aren't valued, at all. The sellers need to make money, these animals are a product. On top of that, the sellers have no knowledge about proper care, "feed the hamster 1tsp of rice." Many of the animals are too young, frail emaciated things, shitting and pissing on one another.
     There were tons of exotic animals too, shivering outside, clearly not accustomed to the chilly environment of Seoul right now. The parrots were covered with damaged feathers, the groundhogs were scarred on their noses (from frantically trying to escape their metal homes), and the chipmunks were suffering from panic attacks. I wanted to take everyone home with me, and at the same time I wanted to get out of there.
     Why are there places like this??
groundhogs, adorable, sad and scared (photo taken by VeganBeats)
you can't see the missing fur on this guys face )O:  (photo taken by VeganBeats)
Can you see the fur missing from their noses?
      After leaving animal street I needed to get a load of silence and walking in. I was (and still am upset) my friend couldn't understand. The unworthy environments that those animals are forced to be in coudln't be grasped onto. Many of the animals were very sick, and in such small places, without any issues their "roommates" will also get sick. I have never seen so many torn up faces, matted fur, bleeding eyes, and open wounds...and still people will go to this place, buy the cute animals and support the sellers. I understand they need to make money, but on the account of lives...

Anyways, here are some prettier places I was able to let my eyes and angry mind feast upon...
photo taken by VeganBeats
Seoul mind you is prepping for much romantic-ing...ahh Valentine's Day...>_<#
photo taken by VeganBeats
      Got some self-stressful news the other's the weekend....I'm ready to do something...

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