Sunday, December 19, 2010


As the sun was rising, my eyes began to close...another morning spent as a night...
Saturday was a busy and wonderful a lot done, hung out with some beautiful Seouls...
At 7:30am I wandered over to the subway, a twenty minute biting walk that was...the most rewarding experience I've had in a while. I know it is only a walk, but it was quiet. It was lightly snowing, no one was on the streets...silence...peace, the sound of snowflakes nestling themselves on the external reminder to just let things nestle in my head in silence...don't allow the noises or the stresses to overwhelm the big picture, the overall realism.
I met up with Chloe at 강남총 station and we went to get our hair done. Our hair stylist actually does the hair for some celebrities and Chloe and I were joking about bumping into one of them....then in walks Hara from Kara...!
I was embarassed, I've seen her on tv, heard some of the songs but didn't know any of them and...well until now, now I know her name..>_<#
After hair, Chloe and I went to PaperGarden and got some coffee. Pricey but a really cute place. It's very clean, big lounegy chairs, fun looking menu. We didn't order anything, but they marked what was veggie friendly and such...I looked around at the people around me and their food looked very fresh and colorful.
After coffee we walked across the street to Le Alaska...whoa*!~ This place smelled wonderful and...yummy*!~
I got a vegan bread for a reasonable (but a bit steep) price....5,000\ for loaf of artisian sourdough/ciabatta was crunchy like sourdough, but airy like ciabatta...and hell I never eat bread or find vegan friendly over baked fresh bread...I'll drop the won!!
After checking little places out we went to a store street and did a lot of eye shopping...I had plans to meet up with Brian after to do Christmas shopping....(I haven't really started yet >_<#)

Brian and I met up and went to COEX, overwhelmed, then went to 남대문 market! Lots of wandering, checking places out and exploring...I was so tired after...We walked around for about 7 hours, plus carrying new purchases!!!
I got home and crashed for a bit...hours zipped by then I got that familiar feeling in my thighs and feet that screamed "GO OUT!! MOVE< SEE PEOPLE"
Ended up at 이태완 at a Irish Christmas party, mulled wine, my crew was there...did some dancing (as always) then shared a fun cab ride with some beautiful Seouls!

My cab ride involved my broken 한굴 and three stops. Marco, Caggy and Liam...then me. My cab driver was playing soem Irish music then some Queen and the Band...and we sang together home....
A good a good afternoon. I've been up for a couple hours now, doing my to continue doing just that....

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