Friday, July 1, 2011

The weeks points...

      The past couple days have been bursting with life, massive puddles of rain, great shows, beautiful people. vegan noms worth mentioning. I guzzle down coffee (literally guzzling, like a car...) and write and go.
     I apologize for being kind

Here's a bullet list of this weeks glory:
*crossed into iphone world
*umbrella broke on the way to school~>excuse to splash in puddles all the way to work ^^*!~
*ran in the rain re-listening to the new Arcade Fire album
*got more than 4 hours of sleep for 2 days this week!!
*discovered a new spot (wine cafe/recycled interior..etc etc etc)^^*!~
*guys at New Wave Coffee gave me a coffee for service (so much gratitude)
*Danny Cho and Big Phony at Platoon on Wednesday
*meeting some wonderful fellow Korean Americans
*found a new secret spot bar~hot totties (the only drink besides straight whiskey that I moderate)
*article about vegan noms for cnngo published!!
*caught up with a buddy and Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia...they're all happening!!!

This weekend has nothing but wonder ahead....I collect silver linings like I pound americanos....

enough procrastination~~back to my article...

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