Monday, July 18, 2011

Vegan Whip Cream and...IPA!!

     Man it's been a while! Internet is working towards some sort of manipulated "order" and my life plans are...getting slightly more solid. But only slightly.
     A legit vacation is quicly approaching and I have plans set~ Vietnam~~
My vacation prior to this was at school numero uno and I didn't get very much notice so I spent a lot of it kicking it at home and...honeslty sleeping. This time, I'm going somewhere else in Asia and meeting up with a good buddy!
     Plans are fuzzy, shooting more towards adventure. Motorbikes, exploring, beaching it, laughing, fruit, loving...bliss!

Anyways...since last post, I've been everywhere, checking out shows, trying new restos, eating too much fruit, sweating new are still loading up (comp issues still....) But here are two sneak peaks.....
fruits and vegan whip cream!!! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Went to a buffet (Loving Hut chain) in Gangnam and they had vegan whip cream...not one for sweets and fats but..hell....had to.

     Also this past weekend FINALLY checked out the raved about 'Craftworks Taphouse & Bistro' near Noksapyeong station. The beer is brewed there, and...I heard rumors of an IPA.  I met up with Kia and Sean (it;s been ages) and caught up over more than a couple beers and had quite an adventure getting to them. (Missed the bus, traffic jam prevented the right drop off, wandered an extra mile...oy oy) but it was worth it.
     Upon landing, I already knew what to get and anxiously waited for this hoppy lovely beverage to touch my lips and...flood my mind with memories and taste buds with joy.
IPA!! (photo taken by VeganBeats)

and YUM!
     BQ crew back home...wish we were together knocking these back again....cyclono anyone?
     Finding good quality beer is easy trade here. I never drink beer here, not because I hate it, but because when it comes to beer, I've been a tad spoiled. Vermont has local breweries, brown ales, IPA's, home brewing, Hite and Cass just don;t do it for me. What I'd do for a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale....le sigh

Anyways, back to it. This weekend was filled with two beautiful and wonderful Seouls, Kia and Sean. Loads of love to them for...always being so kind, generous, genuine, and fun!!

Until next time... more pics and more updates!!!

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