Monday, July 18, 2011

Honest Loving Hut

     Sunday afternoon I met up with Kia for a cellary exchange and dinner! I've heard raves about the Loving Hut in Itaewon (Honest) and I actually tried it out. The place is cute and...clean. I felt like I was entering a garden craft ranch straight out of a Martha Steward or Country Living magazine!
     Kia and I weren't very hungry so we split the supreme burger and fries (I think somewhere around 14,500W). The place was essentially empty and really quiet, always appreciated on Sundays. It was humid, warm, and...a busy day.
     When supreme burger came out, I was more than impressed. I'm not a burger girl, never really have been, but this was wonderfully plated. Clean large white dishes, delicately spread veggies, lots of different greens, eyes were feasting!
the supreme burger! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     It was more than enough and I feel well worth the price,'s damn difficult to eat. The patty was tofu and some sort of bean and the salsa sauce spreading was great, hell the bread was even great, not too heavy, light, airy...but the burger didn't stay solid. The patty broke eaily, the sauce spilt all over my hands...I felt like a toddler. The pesto was flavor packed, dense, I kind of wish it was a bit saucier. The pumpkin was good, but a tad undercooked...and the potatoes...I wish they had a bit more crunch to them. I liked everything, but...some slight changes would make this plate measure up well next to how beautifully it was plated.
     Kia and I eyed the dessert menu and had our hearts set on bingsu (빙수) a traditional and common Korean summer dessert/snack composed of crushed ice, frozen 떡, fruits, and sometimes ice cream...they were out )O: But we went with the rasberry chocolate ice-cream cake!!
rasberry chocolate ice-cream cake! (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     They do look like swirly boobs...but this was wonderful! The cake was moist and the chocolate hinted with a teasing bitter, which paired very well with the rasberries! The weather was so hot, I was afraid of having melted ice-cream!

All in all, Honest is worth checking out. The ambiance of the place is peaceful, pleasant, and comforting. Next time though...I'm hoping for 빙수!!

How to get there:
Itaewon Station, Line 6, Exit 1.
Walk straight for about five minutes and turn right into the alleyway before "ABC mart." Walk up the hill for about 100 yards and Honest will be on your left on the second floor!!

This is the Honest blog!!


  1. i've been there twice: the pesto and artichoke tagliatelle (i think) is really amazing, if slightly peppery. So sad to always find them empty: though a like the space i'm worried they won't be able to keep it going :(