Tuesday, May 3, 2011

김치 dahl....a bit of an experiment!

     The weather is filling me with so much energy! But I think it's very much due to an excellent weekend I can't, and don't want to shake. I feel like I have such a buzz going through my system.
     This week is already flying by and the positive energy has been on the high...I've already had some good runs in, a massive errand filled walk, a great 태보 workout (we did the Pirates of the Caribbean workout series again ^^*), got a new language exchange buddy, and had a great tutoring session today!
     Asides from that, my buddy and I cooked dinner together, OVER skype and it was a nice change. Eating alone is well, kind of boring. I like eating alone but once in a while I wish for some company and this time, skype was to the rescue. My friend made a not so vegan but home-y meal and I whipped up some 고구마 and 김치 inspired dahl. The bakesale was in 이태원 and the foreign food market is right there...so opportunities hit and I got myself some red lentils, more balsamic vinegar and that delightful dijon mustard.
mmm pepper...photo taken by VeganBeats
 I seasoned the 고구마 with loads of freshly ground black pepper. I'll admit to have steaming them then quickly frying them, I want some crunch, so sue me!
These sweet potatoes are tiny, none of them are bigger than my pinky! So I made a whole bunch of them for a load of leftovers...ai ai ai
dahl curry concoction~(photo taken by VeganBeats)
This dahl was more of a random mix up. I had some leafy 김치 left but I wanted a different type of heat from red peppers...I wanted some cumin, white pepper, and ginger...and I happened to have some curry powder (thanks accidental Vermont packing!) This didn't take very long to make, I barely use my stove lately, cooking myself a meal was a nice change. My apartment became overwhelmed with that cumin and white pepper aroma and ugh...my tired just-out-of-태보 body was definitely pumped for a protein-fibery flavorful bowl of this jazz!!

What I used:
~water and dried red lentils (2:1 ratio)
~1 small onion sliced into half moons
~1TB curry spice mix
~about half a cup of 김치 greens
~half a cup of soaked chickpeas and black soybeans
~3 olives >.<#

What I did:
1. Got the water up to boiling then added the lentils and adjusted the heat to medium-medium high
2. After about 6 minutes of simmering, I added the onions
3. After about 5 minutes I added the already soaked beans
4. I kept mixing to prevent burning on the bottom of the pan and added the curry spice mix
5. Kept everything on the stove and heated for another 10 minutes or so, and let it simmer. I liek my curries a bit soupy, but if you want it thick, boil away!!!
6. I added the 김치 greens after serving my dahl into a bowl then I threw on some olives...
For some reason I was craving the salty brine...ugh sodium levels!

This turned out really good, not too overwhelming in flavor, but just enough heat to feel soothing and calming. Soemtimes curry feel too strong and get me overheated. The 김치 was a nice and different addition, different heats and spices...next time though, I will do without the olives.

Just didn't work.

How to get to Foreign Food market:
Itawon station, get out at exit 3, walk straight, at the dunkin donuts/Mr.Kabob take a right...walk straight for about 2-3 minutes and it's on your left, across the street from Roofers!

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