Thursday, May 19, 2011

So Delicious Cafe

YES~ There's still one left, still one calling to vegan and veggies alike...hell anyone that wants DAMN yummy ice-cream. And the BEST (WORST) thing about it is that it's RIGHT between my house and my gym...

     A while back, there were several So Delicious cafes located throughout Seoul but something happened and essentially all of them closed/shut down. This made fixing that sweet creamy craving nearly impossible to fulfill. I accidentally found this place while exploring my neighborhood on the way back from the gym. I passed by a guy trucking a large coffee with "So Delicous" broadly plastered on the cup, I thought to myself about that rather available soy deliciousness back in the states...walked a tad further and with bright lights, and I swear angelic hymns glowing around me, there is was...SO DELICIOUS VEGAN ICE CREAM cafe....I felt sinful, dirty, giddy, excited...everything... squealing loudly in my head I scrambled inside to 'ooh and ahh' at all the safe options~ vanilla, coconut amaretto, green tea, chocolate brownie, chocolate...Pomegranate chip (O_o#) and much more. They even have a bakery (I don't know if it's vegan...and they have meat options here...womp womp) and coffee and even meals. I have to state, not everything is vegan or even vegetarian here. They have sausage bread, cheesy jazz...but I feel like this is so they can get a bigger support group and customer base.
     It's not cheap but, it's well worth it and the hours are more than awesome~7am to 2am. There are tons of drinks to choose from, smoothies, coffees, shakes...etc. I have only gotten the ice cream so I can't promise that the shakes are vegan.
     The wait is a bit long, I think they just started but they're all very kind. I want this place to do well because it's the only one left, it's VEGAN ICE-CREAM, and it's got to be a tough market.

Support this place and get yourself some vegan ice-cream...

How to get there:
It's in between Nambu Bus Terminal (line 3) and Seoul University of Education station (line 3 and 2)
From Nambu Bus Terminal:
Get out at exit 6 and turn around, Lotteria will be on your Right side. Take a right and walk straight for a bit (KFC will be on your right) tak eyour first Right turn. Walk straight for about 3-5 minutes and it's on your Left!!

From Seoul University of Education Station:
Get out at exit 14, walk straight for about 6 minutes (maybe 8) until you get to a four-way intersection, Mr.Pizza should be on your right, cross the street and take a right, then your first left. Walk straight for about 3 minutes and it will be on your Right.

this is the address if you want to map it first!!
서울 서초구 서초동 1594-3 1층

ughhh please Enjoi!! *^^*


  1. Oh yeah, I'm there. I feel a phase of unhealthy vegan coming on...

  2. think your directions from the Nambu Bus Terminal is wrong. not your fault though: google maps has its exits mixed up, you don't have to turn around and walk around the corner. When you leave the real exit 6, walk straight on - the Lotteria is already on your right slightly behind you - and take the 1st right..