Thursday, May 5, 2011


     Today is Childran's day 어린이날, a holiday in which everyone is allowed to (and it's even suported) spoil our children, umm I mean "celebrate" their existence. I remember as a child LOVING this day. Not for the ideal and honorary reasons, but because the day was all about my brother and I and how AWESOME we are. We would get too many gifts and too much money and eat too much food and we would go to some zoo or park or crazy playground.
~~But truly, I don't remember any of the gifts, the money, or the food...I always spent this day with my Korean family and it was always active and fun. My Korean side of my family really focuses on family and being a supportive unit. Barely is the tv on, or some sort of other mode to focus upon, we savor and protect human connection and create something together (loads of 만두.)
     Although I possess a grosse amount of child-like qualities, it's not my day and it may look a little silly if my 이모 was grasping my hand with candy in hand and we were skipping to a park squeling about slides...O_o# The glory of teaching, us teachers (along with EVERYONE) has the day off.This morning I was with Seoul as it awoke, saw the sun rise, people waking up, children growing excited for their day of can be everyone's day right...but we won't forget to honor those children!

     I think I have mentioned the wonderful lunch ladies at my school that are al too concerned with my consumption (ahhh Korea) and prepare a massive plate of produce for me everyday...I am more than grateful, as are Hamlet and 고구마!
O_o# cucumber, yellow pepper, lettuce, banana, apple, carrot and, vegan 김치 O_o# photo taken by VeganBeats
melon, apple, sweet cabbage, cube 김치, lettuce and carrot (photo taken by VeganBeats)
banana, cellery, cube 김치, lettuce, bok choy, and carrots...(photo taken by VeganBeats)
The plate is massive and I bring home more than half of this everyday...I am more than thankful and touched by these women and their care...
This vegan belly of mine will do just fine!

Anyways, to everyone, children alike, and those with Child-like minds, enjoy the day, savor it love it live it....

안녕, 좋은하루되세요!!!!

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