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닐리리맘보 and 탐라 우가네 (교대본점)

     I've been doing more and more simple salads at home, so nothing worth posting....but one day I did spoil myself a bit and went to check out 닐리리맘보 (Nililee Mambu)...there are a lot of them everywhere throughout Seoul, but they have two vegan options(potentially three!) The 비빔국수 and 콩국수!! So considering there are only two options (for sure), I still thought it may be worth checking out...vegans on a search for something to nom on, maybe a chain place could be useful?! I know there has definitely been times when I'm with friends and they all want to go out to eat and I'm sitting there, maybe hungry for something more than 반찬. I'm not one to go and eat at chain places but knowing what you can have is always super helpful.
     Anyways, the place was super cute and super teeny, and artsy! There were Bob Marley, Bette Midler, Diana Ross, Led Zeppelin, etc records and vinyls all over the considering how chain it was, I felt a little reminiscent of my time back at that FABulous record store back home ^^* Back to the point, being a chain place and somewhere most college and university students venture in between classes, everything is on the low end in terms of cost. I got my 비빔국수 for only 4,500W!!! And it was a HUGE portion~ didn't and couldn't finish it!I specified that I didn't eat egg, as they usually serve it with half a hard boiled egg..but I'm not sure if every one does this.
비빔국수 photo taken by VeganBeats
 There definitely could have been more cucumbers, but hey, I wasn't really expecting to pay for quality. For what it was worth it!! Onions, cucumbers, a soupy spicy sauce and huge display!

How to get there:
~I went to the one in 교대 Seocho!
Orange and green line (line 3 and 2)
get off at station 교대 (Seoul National University of Education)
get out exit 14, walk straight, take the right AFTER the Paris Baguette and it's on the corner!

Another place I wandered to was in the rare desire for 비빔밥! I can't remember the last time I've had it..I usually go for veggies and 고추장 but...mama bear was jonesing!!
The bad part of this 비빔밥 craving was that it was around 5am!! I've been dealing with insomnia for all too long and it was one of those very productive-in-the-writing-arty zone days so...kind of forgot to nom. Being in my area, there are a LOT of places open 24시 (24 hours) and some of those places were ones I wanted to check out!
The place is called 탐라 우가네 (교대본점)~Tahmra wooganae (gyo-dae bonjeob.) And a big reason of why I have wanted to venture inside is because the exterior looks so quaint. It was a TAD early so I didn't take a picture, usually there are plants and all sorts of cute pictures adorning the doorway but..again it was damn early!
     Strolling in, I found the place to be much larger than anticipated. There was a whole sitting area and a large floor sitting area, and I wasn't the only one in this place! There was a soccer team in there and a couple ajummas and ajashis prepping for a hike. The staff was more than friendly and accommodating.
I of course went with the 돌솥비빔밥, which was 6,000W but it came with a LOT! There was a 된장 찌개 that was served with it and I specified/made notice that I can't have seafood, fish broth, etc etc etc and they promised that it was made animal the soup was made separately and with loads of zukes, 두부, and spicy pepper flakes!!. I felt more that special! 
my special 된장 찌개!! photo taken by VeganBeats
 There was a bunch of 반찬 served with everything and...being the annoying lady already, scrolled through what was and wasn't friendly....essentially everything except the deep fried mayo covered pork..yech!
된장찌개, spicy scallions, perilla leaves, onions, pork )O:, 김치, 고추장, 비빔밥!! photo taken by VeganBeats

I was really happy with the 반찬, soy sweet onions, spicy chives, and spicy uber salty perilla leaves...they gave me LOADS of veggies too...though, there was a bunch of rice.
post mix....soo much taken by VeganBeats
The portion was rather large...more than I could finish and wonderful. I love that there was so much lettuce...when it comes to 야채비빔밥 I ALWAYS wants more 야채 than 밥~ There was loads of fresh crisp cucumber, bamboo shoots, burdock root, mountain veggies, sprouts...I made sure to ask for no egg too...always a smart precaution!!
I definitely think I may visit this place again...maybe at a reasonable hour!!

How to get to 탐라 우가네 (교대본점): 02-521-3392
서울시 서초구 서초3동 1579-4
Take line 2/3 (green/ orange) to 교대역 (Seoul National University of Education)
Go out exit 14 and walk straight, take a right at the GS gas station, when you see family mart take that left...walk past the 7 eleven and it will be about 50-65 yards on your right!

Ahhh...and I spoiled myself yet again~
^^*~ photo taken by VeganBeats

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