Monday, May 21, 2012

Pass me that Pen~

     Inspiration to get things done and fulfill my insecure-ridden talents has been on the forefront. I've been meeting these amazingly talented, driven, supportive, and open-minded people that are chasing their dreams, fulfilling them, and exerting energy into their passions. Seeing this drive has got me grabbing pens and camera and whipping them together. I have been doing sketches now and again and it feels so...comforting. I used to create all the time, my mind constantly working and winding out something intricate, complex, and complete. After challenges and too many obstacles to keep me feeling whole, I neglected creating, I put a lot of it to the side. My creative juices and sources of inspiration dwindled. I still had my wonderful crew, friends, and loved ones...but anything more than that would have left me far more broken than functional.
     I started this new job(s) where I'm now cruising the subway system for at least three hours a day...leaving me with ample time to read, listen to music, waste time on games, etc. I finished three books, grew bored of my games and one day started sketching. This all paralleled a very positive upswing that's been contributing to my life...a lot of different things are correlating and all this joy is brimming over. Art is entering my life again, and it feels like an old friend. There are no debates, awkward exchanges, or forced reconnections...we both missed one another...
     Here are some quick subway sketches~
gnome~ (sketch done by VeganBeats)
chuckle~ (sketch done by VeganBeats)
whai~ (sketch done by VeganBeats)
knows~ (sketch done by VeganBeats)
lion~ (sketch done by VeganBeats)
yawn~ (sketch done by VeganBeats)
J dilla~ (sketch done by VeganBeats)
beta~ (sketch done by VeganBeats)
quick grump~ (sketch done by VeganBeats)
apples~ (sketch done by VeganBeats)
melon~ (sketch done by VeganBeats)
      And I'm not releasing anything definite (though fingers are tied swirly super-crossed) there are some brilliant potential projects on the way!~

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