Monday, May 7, 2012

Conversin' around~ Weekend of laughter and brilliance

     Where have I been? This past weekend has been another very positive roundup (if you can't see it, feel the smile on my face) My dropbox is getting a bit sassy and stubborn so I can't throw any pictorial evidence or support of the weekends adventures. )O:
     Friday started with a full day of work, oven dancing, and then actual dancing ^^* ..
conversin' (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Black Ilumin and Jkea Pains were preforming over at Phantom in Sinsa and I was fortunate enough to be extended an invitation! Both Jake (Jkea) and Black Ilumin are very talented artists, check them out! I've had both these artists on my radar for a while and getting to see and swivel to their music literally screamed at me....why have I not kicked it to their shows earlier?! They also have worked together and are named "Wisecrue" check their collaborations out too! 
     Saturday was Cinco de Mayo, and Vatos was hosting a fundraiser event for Children's day and the orphanage! I swung by around one and the place was PACKED! I'm still so overwhelmingly happy that they are doing so well! I baked a cake for them and it was rich! When dropbox figures it's issues out...I'll throw on a eye teaser and recipe!! From what I saw, a lot of donations were provided from several generous people! Diapers, baby wipes, formula~ hell yea community! 
     Around 7, my crew and I were lucky enough to get a table and spoil our tummies, taste buds, and livers with loads of fresh and delicious noms, gauntlets of drinks, and a slice of my cake!! A line was in constant existence outside Vatos' door and as always, Kenny, John, and Jeena were amazing! Eye teasers will also come around later!!
     Post Vatos, a skating after party was hit up! More dancing, more drinking, more smiling, loving, and laughing...then it was Sunday! Once again, the crew united at a friend's house where we were spoiled rotten with vegan chili, salsa, quesadillas, guacamole, mango vodka, etc...Vatos was still on the minds eh?! It was a perfect Sunday, the sun beat down on all of us while we shared stories, played boggle, and relaxed on a rooftop! The sun set and we parted ways...but today...another wonderful day!
     I spent the morning in nothing but great smiling spirits...then I taught my cutie of a student for two hours, came home, wrapped up lesson plans...and now...resting time. My dropbox hasn't uploaded anything for the past two hours...but I promise pictures. 

     Oh and random unrelated picture, a few weeks ago Melissa and I got together for a lazy porch Sunday and we got to some hair playing, well, she played and my locks became beauty~
photo taken by Melissa! 
The facts:
Black Ilumin Soundcloud (listen to Liquis Poison...ughhhhhh)

AND while you're checking out all this GREAT stuff, check out my boy's beats~ (I'll write more about him later) but this is talent right here~~ 

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