Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More Love for Vatos~ AND FUNDRAISER!

     It seems like I've been riding such a high and positive wave for a while now, and I'm LOVING it~ Parts of me are cautious, waiting for things to crash, but I'm living this and soaking it all up. Every weekend has been filled with beautiful Seouls, great music, dancing jams, positive energy, great food, delicious drinks, lots of laughter, and loads of adventure. Other than the weekends, the weeks have been filled with productivity, socializing, and exploring emotions and feelings that I genuinely thought have passed. Open your heart, open your eyes, live your life~
     Maybe it's all of these bursting flowers adding to my colorful and smiley style, I won't complain...not in the slightest.
photo taken by VeganBeats~
     This past weekend has been nothing short of brilliant, so many reasons, so many Seouls, so many real moments...am I woman loving life? Am I gloating a bit...I'm celebrating ^^*~
     The weekend commenced with a gathering at Vatos Urban Tacos! If you've been following, my genuine love and enthusiasm for this resturarant is unavoidable and undeniable! Everytime I spend time at Vatos, I have a great time. And every time my friends are introduced to Vatos, they leave with happy stomachs, giant grins, and a similar attitude to mine..."I LOVE Vatos~"
     I tend to go on a "Vatos soapbox" whenever someone slips the "I really want Mexican good" or "does anyone know of a good restuarant?"
     This Sunday night I introduced Vatos to a buddy and other friends joined us...we started with a Mexican martini (for him) and a Vegan Bloody Mary (no worchestire sauce) for me and jeezum~ This was spicy, strong, and sassy. My vegan parts were tickling with silly excitement, cellery ughhh~...ahh the veggies of the states...I miss you so~
Vegan Vatos Bloody Mary (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     I ordered a "Surprise me" taco salad and Kenny served up something on the wim that was more than satisfying, it was perfect! The taco salad had the cabbage slaw, beans, kimchi, sauteed veggies, salsa, and two corn tortillas! There was a great balance of texture, warm kimchi and veggies with crunchy zesty cabbage! Vegans~ Do Vatos...do it...!
Vegan Vatos Taco Salas~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     My buddy is South African and has been talking about this cider that I "HAD TO TRY!" Vatos carries it, Hunter's dry and sweet! The alcoholic cider I recall and know is Woodchuck from Vermont...I'm sorry VT, but it doesn't compare. Hunter's is bubbly, great with lemon, and really delicious. I ended up downing three of these...granted my groggy woozy head should've told me to chill but my taste-buds were craving!!
one of my many bottles~ (photo taen by VeganBeats)
     Every time, every single time someone comes here here, they leave wanting to come back, and with a new level of expectation for food in terms of what Korean provides. In what Mexican cuisine is available in this teeny peninsula. The food, the drinks, the entire restaurant provides a great experience. It's nearly (I think completely) impossible to not have a great time! Do yourself a favor, your friends a favor and check out Vatos!

Also~ This Saturday, Vatos is hosting it's First Cinco De Mayo and Children's Day Fundraiser! 
Here is the information:
May 5, 2012 11:30 am to 11:30 pm~

"Come join us as we hold our 1st Annual Cinco de Mayo / Children's Day Fundraiser at Vatos Urban Tacos!

We will be offering:
-Homemade APPLE CINNAMON CRUMBLE (YES, back for ONE day only!!!)

***100% of our dessert proceeds will be donated to an Infant Orphanage. We will use the proceeds to BUY infant items and personally take it to them.

The orphanage believes every child should have the opportunity to learn and grow in a loving home. Currently it has about 50 infants waiting to be adopted; most are younger than 3 months old. The majority of the mothers are young and unmarried who wish to provide better prospects for their child. Let's be that helping hand!

***In addition, we will be accepting any donations consisting of infant formula, infant diapers and other infant items leading up to Cinco de Mayo starting TODAY!!!!

*** Open donations will be greatly appreciated as well

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~"
Facebook Event Page~

Hope to see y'all there!! 

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