Thursday, May 24, 2012

Focus on the positive swing...a list~

eye will focus~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The upswing is drastically more enjoyable and motivating then any fall. When I scrape my knees and bleed, I (now am) trying to ignore and avoid the obvious disappointments. The hindering physical blows that cause me to falter. But, with enough chosen ignorance, disassociation from the negative, it explodes, or needles it's way through a smaller and lesser means of acceptance. It's as if a town will flood from the tear drop hole in a dam.
     I've been on a positive hike for a while, today some blows came at my face, but it's been building throughout this week. I haven't been preparing myself. My mornings have started to grow harder, my self worth growing more bruised with each passing minute. Yes this is an emotional vent of sorts, is life. I'm putting in the ardent effort to focus and concentrate on the positive silverlinings in my life, as it is currently. I think maybe I've been milking the great stuff and not attending to the things that do trouble/burden me. This shushing has rumbled and it's hungry for attention. I've slipped a bit and need to re grip my shoes.
     I may have slipped, things may be pointing towards a "bad day" but these are the silverlinings I will direct my attention to, acknowledge the shit, but don't sit staring at it....flush it down.

  1. art is back
  2. I'm in Korea, in a foreign country full of opportunity
  3. I am alive and breathing
  4. I have two lovely animals as companions, friends, and snugglers
  5. I have a roof over my head
  6. I have enough money to provide for myself and the kids
  7. I am employed
  8. I can do yoga, run, stretch, be active
  9. I can write and read
  10. I have access to internet, a computer, luxuries in my life
  11. I have a lot of beautiful Souls and friends around me
  12. I am surrounded by inspiration and supportive people
  13. I smile, and it's not forced
  14. I have a beautiful family
  15. I have a visa
  16. I will have more time to devote to my passions
  17. I am a survivor and strong womyn
  18. my vocabulary is always growing
  19. I am learning something new everyday
  20. I have the luxuries and ability to choose vegan as a lifestyle
  21. I have clean clothes
  22. I have a shower
  23. I have heat
  24. I have air conditioning
  25. I am not sick with a life-threatening disease
  26. I get to teach the youth and be inspired by their child-like joy
  27. I have a wonderful partner who is inspiring
  28. I have a younger brother full of life and is also very inspiring
  29. I am going to DJ fest this weekend
  30. My friends are talented musicians and entrepreneurs 
  31. I have a lot of music I love
  32. My father has showed me so much in life
  33. My mother has showed me so much in life
  34. I have family in Korea
  35. My family all has big supportive hearts
  36. My cousin is having a boy
  37. My other cousin just got married and is so happy
  38. My friend's restaurant is doing so well, and he is chasing  his dream...he is inspiring
  39. nearly 7 years ago, yoga was introduced to me
  40. I get to do taebo
  41. I can run and walk
  42. I have an awesome camera
  43. I am learning photography
  44. I have been in love before
  45. I have some girlfriends that are my sisters
  46. My bestest and oldest friend is getting married later this year
  47. I will be in America in December to celebrate with her
  48. I have a big heart
  49. I get to have a full day
  50. I have this blog
  51. I have access to endless opportunity
  52. I will discover and learn more today,tomorrow, next week, etc. 
  53. I have people that believe in me
  54. My friends are all over the place
  55. I get to hear stories all the time
  56. I keep meeting new and inventive individuals
  57. I am 25 years old
  58. The weather is lovely
  59. The sun is shining
  60. I have a big ol'bed that I get to snuggle into later
  61. I will get to travel around Seoul today
  62. I will share time with learners today
  63. I get to ride the greatest subway system around today
  64. I have an iphone
  65. I can easily call any of my friends or family today
  66. I have many relationships that mean the world to me
  67. I have a lot of paper
  68. I have a lot of pencils and pens
  69. I get to draw today, and sketch, and design
  70. I have a creative mind
  71. I am living
  72. I am a contributing part of society
  73. I can connect and communicate
  74. I can speak some Korean
  75. I am learning Korean
  76. I am studying French
  77. I have read over two-hundred or three-hundred books
  78. I love
  79. I care
  80. I empathize
  81. I have become a stronger and more assertive womyn
  82. I am a survivor and fighter
  83. I know my way around a kitchen
  84. I am skilled with baking
  85. I understand food elements
  86. I have drank delicious wine
  87. I have traveled to several countries
  88. I have lived in several countries and plan on doing that more often
  89. I have a vacation coming up
  90. I will be able to rest
  91. I am not colorblind
  92. I was raised in a loving (and challenging) household
  93. I am independent
  94. I have a wall full of completed artwork
  95. I am going to surprise someone I love with hopeful inspiration
  96. I love to dance
  97. I like my hair-color, though fake, I love it 
  98. I have High Fidelity AND Detroit Rock City on my computer
  99. I have the freedom to watch them later
  100. I have seen so many wonderful musicians live
the list can go on...ahhh

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