Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finding new places, kicking it with good Seouls....another speedy weekend*!~

Another great and super speedy weekend....
I spent all of Saturday with my mom and it was GREAT ㅎㅎ We went to Gangnam first and met with some people and got treated to an AWESOME restuarant called Seven Springs. It's super green and all about organic and local, which was so great. The salad bar was vegan self was literally wiggling in excitment! There were sprouts, tons of lettuce greens (!!!!!!!!!!!!), beets (!!!), broccoli, cauliflour, asparagus, tons of olives, sweet pumpkin, lotus root, banchans, mmuk, etc etc etc...I love me some fresh organic veggies...
nom nom salad....
photo taken by VeganBeats
 I put a bunch of 거추장 on my basically I made bibimbop without rice...chyea!
They also had a coffee bar (had like 8 espressos), a beautiful dessert bar, nothing vegan but I can appreciate. Green tea chocolate chip cookies, green tea almond cake, red bean cookies, carrot cake, etc...they also had a pasta bar, seafood fiogoli, soybean alfredo, and a homemade sausage pasta...lots of things...
Turns out there's  a bunch of Seven Springs throughout in HONGDAE!!!


After nomming with the mom we went to Dongdaemon and shopped around, caught up and were just girls together, it was really nice. I haven't been able to spend as much time with my mom as I would so much )O: But I really appreciated this time with her. Seeing her home, where she grew up and seeing her glow with rememberance for some of these places is...beautiful!
We then went to Myeoungdong, a place where she used to go all the time as a young woman. She said she used to escape stress and pressures by wandering through this market, guess when my dad and her got married they shared a lot of dates here....(O:
     After a whole day of playing, walking, shopping and girling out, we parted ways and I met up with Stephanie...Hongdae again! Threw on a new outfit and met up with the ladies for a night out...once again, I cannot stress the love of my ladies!
     Stephanie, Jaxs, Myeon, Christine and I wandered into a HOF and got some makali...a couple bottles of it and kicked it ladies style. Our friends Ju-hee and Seoungeun met up with us later and then we scampered over to Gorilla. Another night of dancing, kicking it, and having fun....

again....the lack of sleep continues*!~

ㅎㅎㅎ when Stephanie and I woke up we played around Wangsimni a bit and found a teeny restaurant and I got some vegan soondubu  and she got some kimchi jiggae....

nothing like hot spicey soup to cure any and everything
kimchi jigae up top, banchan, then my soondubu
photo taken by VeganBeats

photo taken by VeganBeats
After filling our bellies with yummy spiceyness I got a personal tour of the Emart in Wangsimni....whoa ^^ overwhelming. Walmart has nothing on this's MASSIVE first off and has just about anything you need, from brooms, to oranges, to lizards...and GIANT beatles.

Anyways, great weekend, great eats....and always, wonderful Seouls in my life....

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