Thursday, December 13, 2012

Veganbeats does Vermont

     Wednesday morning was a robotic maneuver to 34th street, somewhere between 11th and 12th ave for a bus (via Megabus) to Burlington. It was foggy (my mind at least) and though pumped to see some more of the BQ crew, kicking it in New York for a few days longer was beyond tempting. And this temptation grew when my bus was half an hour late. I kept thinking I'd "have" to tumble back to Towsky's.
     Anyways, megabus showed up ($29.00 to Btown from NY?!?!?) and I crashed on the bus...not literally.   Nine hours later I pulled into the familiar campus that I trekked around for five years. I instantly flowed back into class flows and rushing through students to break it back to my dorms and a little bit of flying time. The Davis center was my bus stop, and that's where a huge part of home also sits...WRUV. Home of my old radio station, a space of creativity, love, fun, music, sound, poetry~ the memories in that booth and during those hours way back then. I wandered past and felt my heart and brain magnetically draw to the old doors.
Radio home~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     The No Rules Variety Hour was made up of a bunch of us kids, Bezark, Aaron, Ian, Headley, Juice, Spy, and myself. The second half of our show was mostly Spy and I, you know how life happens and those damned classes demand so much ya! I so wish I could do the show again, a reunion show of sorts...hmmmm
     After wandering down memory lane and taking stalker like pics of the old radio home, I met up with Jason, a wonderful worldly soul who always brings lightness with him wherever he is. We caught up and trucked by my old house! 
MY old home~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     It was a bit eerie being back in VT, the last time I was here, a lot of horrendous things were happening, and I was wrapping those loose ends up while trying so hard to focus on all the beautiful memories this place held. This time, my energy was different, I was bringing the love from New York that I was clutching onto with me, and I was meeting and joining with my old crew. I only had until 2am to fit everyone in!
     I met with Harry at the RadioBean (this place harbors so many starts and memories!) for some tea while he had a break and getting such a hug from an old friend- again home. Comfort, safety, joy, just pure bliss! Ahh~ Then we met up with Harry for tea and chilling. He's got a swanky big kitten names Potus (guess how that name happened) and lives in a really cute space!
     After kicking it with Harry, I met up with one of my best friends, a beautiful womyn I have been blessed to grow close with and create such a strength and bond with. Ninabean~ seeing her again was perfection. Yoga buddy, sister, love, tea sipper, kimchi nommer~ I needn't get into how wonderful and brilliant it was to reunite with Nina!
     After downing ridiculously strong coffee (sorry for the sleepy eyes!) I went to the Terrace and kicked it with more BQ loves! Dubs, Ari, Corey, Daiki~ these boys, these men have been such loving lights in my life. Back in the Bearquarium, I lived with Dubs and his lady and a whole handful of stunners! The terrace is a true home, literal house stocked with rolling fire in the fireplace, comfy couches, loads of soft blankets, fuzzy rugs, a beautiful kitchen, yard, smiling faces~ What a perfect setting and group of people to end VT with. Loads of chatting, laughing, flying, and then the 2 am bus to Boston.
     Only issue~ getting on the 2am bus was almost not going to happen. Went to the stop without a printed ticket (said I would pick up) and when the driver stated that I wouldn't be able to board the bus my reaction was that of a ten year old denied playtime outside. I started crying and burbling about a rehearsal dinner and maid of honor responsibilities....apparently aigyo works and they let me on the bus. Where I passed out without wiping my eyes.

Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding fill-ins soon~

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