Tuesday, December 11, 2012

VeganBeats back Stateside: Rushing around and Bumbling through Brooklyn

     As most people and crew know, I wandered my way stateside for a best friend's wedding (CONGRATULATIONS LOVERS) but while doing so, I invested a lot of emotions and parts work into the trip. The trip was very tightly scheduled and within it, involved traveling all around...but I was ready, and am so glad I did it all.
     I took American Airlines most of the way, and despite rumors of no more veggie meals, they were somewhat accommodating. They came up with some pretty horrid ideas of veggie meals (cucumber, kiwi, butter soggy sandos?!~) I did start my first flight on Japanese airlines and their vegan meal was surprisingly good. I got a green salad with carrots, daikon, spring greens, and a few cherry tomatoes and a simple balsamic redux dressing  the main was a pumpkin, zucchini, carrot, and onion curry served with turmeric rice and peas, and a spicy tomato eggplant jalfrezi. This was served up with a side of two chapati/pita and the dessert was a raw coconut, apple, apricot bar! HELL yeah vegan jams!
Japanese air Vegan meal~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     As soon as I landed, I booked it home for a quick shower and buzzed to The Melting Pot for Nichole's bachelorette party. I honestly wasn't up for eating (and fondue just doesn't get me sassy) and felt vodka was a smarter choice. I asked for a cranberry vodka and got a giant glass of cranberry flavored vodka. Swirling about later I managed to make a couple dozen decorative bows for the wedding.
     The next day (Sunday) was family jams. I made three different types of hummus and one bean dip while my mom made roasted pumpkin, a Japanese soba noodle salad, and mandu soup. Vegan jams for the WIN! Even in pictorial absence, there was a feast prepped and I so wish the wedding was towards the end of the week...lady stress aside and implied insecurities fully owned~ how can I enjoy feasts when I've got a dress to snuggle into at the end of the week?
veggie platter...photo taken by VeganBeats
     Oh~ minor MAJOR detail, my boy Binger~ he remembered me! The little old man full of creaky knees, a foggy eye, digestive struggles, started chatting away the moment I opened the door. He's an old one but still a pup. I'd be lying if I didn't say he was someone I was BEYOND pumped to spend some mama baby time with! 
heya mama~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     Seriously, the second I put him on my chest he stretched out and caught me up on the past year of shenanigans and trouble he's been getting into. Too bad he tired himself out!
sweepy~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     The next couple days was all about finding my ground, getting some rooting in, getting my head back on, reconnecting with positivity, and understanding what it is that I love and need to maintain a pleasant, positive, and productive state of being. Monday began with a blinded sprint through South Station to settle a spot via FungWah to New York ($15.00 to NY from Boston!). I was going to kick it with some Bearquarium loves and I was all too eager to get to NY as fast as possible. BUT 20 minutes outside of South Station, just over the Mass border these horrendous sounds started rumbling in the bass of the bus. Smoke started to billow out and angry hisses erupted out of the bus's sides, it started to slow and the heaviness started to hint in my chest.
      On the side of the highway, half a bus full of people sat seeing hundred of cars wiz by, free of complications. I've only read about the failed FungWah missions, and after taking it for nearly a decade and well over a dozen times, this was a first. After an hour, another bus came and picked us up and this one, bus number two, broke down three separate times on the way to New York.
     I arrived and Towsky just began his class, I hailed a cab after walking a couple blocks (cabs are a plenty...but only in Seoul). I stumbled into a bar, interrupted a class and was presented a strong cranberry vodka (this time WITH juice). Filled with giddiness and genuine excitement about actually sitting NEXT to Towsky, I got far drunker than intended (thanks Professor). I blame my roadster rush into inebriation on BQ love! Once class wrapped up, we headed back to Towsky's and I explored my home for the next two nights. I've only seen Towsky's place via skype and if it was impressive then~ in person it's insane! My favorite part was his indoor greenhouse, goji berries, basil, avocado tree, greens...grahhhhhhhhh.
garden glory~ photo taken by VeganBeats
      After a bit we linked up with Spy and went for a wander around Brooklyn. We stumbled (literally) into a park and started climbing trees (pics later...maybe) and everything felt so balanced. The bliss and content that used to be a big part of my life was surrounding me. (whine: I love my friends here, but I really miss BQ) I was feeling...good, great, at peace. These things have been so clearly and loudly missing from my life here. 
by our park~ photo taken by VeganBeats
      After putting monkeys to shame and getting swirlier than intended, I skipped back home and Towsky, Spy, and I shared a few bottles of wine, laughs, stories, and still...peace. I passed out earlier than intended and woke up at 7!! Towsky conveniently woke up and there were two options; deal with our spinning hangovers sleeping OR throwing on waterproof clothing, sneakers, and hitting the dewy morning on bikes!
     We were both in this world of disbelief. I haven't seen Towsky in years, and though Skype has been brilliant, physical presence is a world of difference. Is this a dream?
     Towsky is now gluten-free and more than accommodating to vegan jams (you are kind of stuck with me ya) and he found Sun In Bloom, a gluten free, raw, and vegan restaurant. (facebook page)
You see these types of signs...all over NY~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     I'm not a breakfast lady but how often am in New York?! How often can I eat a raw meal with a BQ crew bud?
     Phbbbt~ and game~ Towsky got a chia seed almond milk that was nearly pudding. Kissed with cinnamon and coconut, thick and creamy, this drink was pure energy and bliss. It was rather pricey though, but recreation is a mission worth getting on~
chia seed almond milk~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     For a main, he got the Bloom Burger as a salad ($9.25). This is a live burger (nothing is cooked) made up of tomato, basil, caramelized onions and assorted seeds and such. It was served with cabbage, lettuce, with a Live sunflower dill dressing. The dressing was a bit too sweet for me, and I can't help myself, I want sriracha on EVERYTHING.
Towsky's dish~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     I got a Rueben Special as a salad ($9.25), which was marinated tempeh with house made raw sauerkraut and a live creamy Russian dressing. It was served on a bed of raw cabbage and lettuce and dusted in parsley and black pepper.  This was so good, but I've NEVER had a Reuben before so owning that I have nothing to compare it to. But if this is what they taste like...whoa~
My dish~ photo taken by VeganBeats
      After brunch, Towsky had class and I met up with Spy for more jolls around New York. I foolishly wore GIANT shoes and still trekked the town...eh who needs to feel anything below the ankles right?
     We wandered through all of High Rise Park and in all my times in New York, how could I have missed this? The past visits have involved nightly escapades and shows or swirly mornings...another gracious thanks for getting in some sun and having a New York day. The park is quite brilliant, it was a deserted subway line that runs over several main streets in the city. There are hidden art pieces along the path and cute spots to open up a sketch pad, read a book, binge on coffee, snuggle up with a loved one, or just be.
road view~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     When we got to the end of the park I squealed about wanting to see Lady Liberty and being a great sport, he was game to kick it to the Hudson river.
     The weather was pristine, and I was already glowing and full of all this love and grounding, my appreciation and presence with the world was electrifying me. I was feeling so connected to NY, I really loved it, and my energy was more than above baseline. So many people are out;  awake, running, biking, loving, snuggling, singing- int heir own world's and still interacting in this world, on the river, on the roads. The community is present!! I know Seoul has it's special things too, but there's something really nice about seeing and being with all that activity!
     We wandered to the Freedom Tower (hell yea NY) and we wandered back toward his neighborhood for coffees while waiting for Towsky to get out of class. Whilst binging, I was on mission numero two...VT~ I wanted and planned to kick it with as much of BQ as possible, and I wanted to squeeze it in before Wedding Rehearsal time. I came to discover that the only possible way I could do this was to catch an 8:30 am bus to Burlington and arrive at 4 then to catch the 2am bus BACK to Boston at 7:30am. I did complain and argue with the computer for a bit, but if I was Seoulside, I'm sure I'd be in such a bitter and angry position where hatred would fill my veins. I was frustrated, but...aigo.
     Spy and I got out missions done then met with Towsky for a late dinner...messing up subway lines and getting confused we took longer than planned (Seoul subways...thank you for making sense to me) and by the time we got to his place...like old times, I was interrupting slumbers. Spy juiced up our mission and we whirl-winded out to the chilly streets for another wine and dine mission.
     Oh Towsky's place is even better because there's a Trader Joe's so super close!!! ughghhghghghg I'm a space cadet in Joe's and though I was wine-focused, I started wandering and had to be barked at to get focused...Damn You Joe!!
     A quick wine purchase and we went to Mocha Hookah, a grungey and delicous Mediterranean spot. We got a cute corner booth and still...I can't string enough words together to express my peace. As soon as we sat, we got a generous plate of green olives; oily, briny  just enough sour to draw me in. These fatty morsels are a treat...god damned the dress haunting me in my home.
olives~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     Dishes and appetizers were all affordable and the fact that Mediterranean was suggested absolutely tickled me. Making consumption easier for me is not a huge things, but a few people have always gone out of there way to just...help me out. Also, I LOVE going out to eat with these boys, hungry people hell yeah! We got a tabouli salad, LOADED with parsley and light on the bulgur, hummus, babaganoush, a falafel platter (with extra falafel balls), a thick salad (greens for V), pita, and stuffed grape-leaves for Spy. I generally and regrettably kind of despise eating with friends, or in public, or amongst a community. I'm one of those solo-diners, but back in the day, BQ always did family style, and this was just another way to give me a gift of grounding and home. I've savored those meals with the BQ family although I did most of my consumption with Spy. This connection back "home" brought me closer to BQ, safety, acceptance, and clarity.
     How I've missed home...
tabouli~ photo taken by VeagnBeats
family style noms~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     Post belly bulging, we scampered back to Towsky's and opened up my new wine and enjoyed my final night in Brooklyn.
     The details of the evenings needn't be explored, I just left feeling a lot of peace, grounding, content, and a better understanding of where and what I want to be. A whole slew of parts were/are talking and this sounds potentially awful and ungrateful of me to say, but for the first time in a really long time, I felt like I was stepping on some ground. I could see a bit clearer and I felt warm, safe...I was happy, I was present, and I wasn't stressing. I was joking around, feeling light-hearted, ate a huge meal and was good with it. All this comfort and "home" I used to feel was visiting me. My parts have been waiting for it and embraced these very comforting emotions willingly, almost hungrily. It felt as if these parts have been missing, left behind, taken...and we were rejoined, just for a bit, but I think I can see the ground, or make out a hemisphere...
     I feel so much better now that I've interacted with these parts again, I do feel like I've carried some of them back with me...but I'll get into this later.

Until later~

Sun In Bloom:
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Weekend Brunch
Hours: 8:30am-9pm {M,T,W,Th,F} Weekend~ 10am-5pm
Address: 460 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11217
Phone #: (718) 622-4304
E-mail: info@suninbloom.com
Facebook Page

Mocha Hookah:
Hours: 9am-midnight Everyday
Address: 183 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY 11201
between Court and Clinton St
Phone #: (718) 624-6764
E-mail: info@mochahookah.com
Facebook Page

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