Sunday, December 23, 2012

Bye Binger~

Binger baby~ photo taken by VeganBeats
hey babes~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     Back in 2009 I got a brilliant being introduced to my life. He was shy, beaten, blinded, thin, and needing a lot of love. I got him back in Vermont after a road trip with space, whilst there was tension, we drove into a grimy neighborhood and anxiously walking through the rusted fence. As the gate creaked, booming barks escaped the disheveled condo. I balled my fists, felt Space behind me, nerves calmed and I banged on the door. I tired person jarred open the door, barked at me with her dogs and guided me up a messy staircase to a cage placed in a corner, underneath bags of lizard and bird pellets, and moldy dog bones. There, underneath a rotting wooden tunnel and among soiled bedding was my baby, Binger.
Sleepy Binger~ photo taken by VeganBeats~
Heya!! Photo taken by VeganBeats
Yo~ photo taken by VeganBeats
"Mom!!! Hi!"~ photo taken by VeganBeats
years ago~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     The moment I picked him up, he shivered and cried, and my heart wrapped right there around him. One of his eyes was knocked slightly blind and he was painfully thin. We all drove home and I introduced this little guy to actual food. At first he backed away from it, unsure what this strange green thing was. He was scared of fruits and vegetables, and refused to leave out from underneath his tunnel. Months went on and he was still scared. I let him be outside on my back porch with my small vegetable garden. He managed to will enough courage to eat all of my parsley and cilantro...the fear was broken. 
photo taken by VeganBeats
     Since then, he gained weight, grew social, was curious, purred, snuggled up with anyone that picked him up. He loved Space, cooing at him and running all over him while he was reading or pounding away on a keyboard. For me, he nuzzled up to my face, curled into my chest and stomach; talking about his veggie-filled day. He'd follow me around my apartment, screaming at me to slow down.
     When Space left, Binger met me with laughter and smiles and a constant source of kisses and snuggling. Whenever I was down, he'd go the extra mile to get out of his cage and would snuggle me. He was playful and always providing me with care and company.
a little angel~ photo taken by BroBeats
     Soon after I found myself standing alone in the universe, stripped of all my stars and planets, all the galaxies and remained, he stayed by me. Binger and I were together, living, breathing, sleeping, being. That year (end of 2009-2010) Binger stuck by me; was my safety net, my best friend, son, roommate, bed-mate, my confidant. He was the last soul I saw before China, the first being I ate with when I returned.
     Through traumas and the most testing period of my life, Binger was the safe face, the source of love and, the hug I could count on. When my universe completely collapsed, Binger was by my side as I sobbed and died a thousand times over. He loved me when I didn't shower for weeks, couldn't muster anything besides a whimper, and was more than lost.
sleepy boy~ photo taken by VeganBeats
     He moved with me to my parent's house, and still with my tears and upset, it was Binger. I'd wake up and share my morning coffee with him laid out in my lap, go to one job and return to him talking and asking about my day, job again, and whenever I did return, he was there to welcome me. He was the last soul I shared my bed with before coming to Korea. He was a skype date; the little one to remember me whenever I called, spoke to him, or walked through my parent's doors. He never forgot me, and I will never forget him.
    Binger, you were more than a guinea pig, more than a are my baby, my best friend, my kid, my safety, my love, and the rock that kept me grounded~ whenever I was floating away.

Thank you Binger...for giving me life when I felt as if mine was ending...
RIP Binger~ photo taken by BroBeats
Rest in Peace my little nugget~ 2012/12/22

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