Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jungle Racing...and monkey poo~ready to race

     This week we all were granted a great day off, my original plan was to spend Tuesday night out causing all sorts of ruckus. Instead I made a meek attempt at getting rest so I could start Wednesday off with a Jungle race!! I was only running a 5k but my goal was to snap pictures, be a tigress, and beat my time from last year.
     In preparation for jungle madness, I bought Ajumma styled snow leopard pants and some Ajumma cheetah lingerie...the icing on the cake was tiger ears, tail, and bowtie~
Ready to Race~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     The sun was beating down, but spirits were high and everyone honored the jungle theme...well us foreigners did. Elephant thongs, Tarzan and Jane get ups, Flinstone garb...we were IN~ 
     My race was great, I kept pace, party rocked with LMFAO, AND beat my time~ 28 for a 5k versus last year's 30!

But...monkeys threw poo at my face when I went back to the race tent. 
     Everything of mine, my entire bag was stolen. My wallet, purse, change of clothes, phone charger, credit cards, id cards, sketchbook, schedule book, reading book, camera. I keep realizing how much of my stuff is gone. I tried to remember an appointment I book is gone, my drawing pens: gone, make up: gone, house keys: gone...I'm trying to keep face (ha) I wandered around and well...still hoping for a silverlining. 
post-race tiger~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     I had to rock the rest of the day in mismatched feline coats and sports gear. More shambles happened throughout the day~ tree climbing and concussing, hospital naps, rooftop BBQ's... 
     I wandered through Itaewon's area and spent time with wonderfully supportive and loving people but I wasn't in it. I'm feeling powerless and so stripped of things and I HATE this feeling. I am very uncomfortable of having to rely on others, not having my things in order, and not having the opportunity to escape from situations. It's shallow maybe to admit but...I was feeling so ugly and disheveled in my running gear while everyone is comfortable, showered (maybe), and put together. Ugh...self-consciousness and insecurities were feasting on my situation. 

Ugh~ bailing on this~~

     Focusing on positives:
  1. had a productive Wednesday morning
  2. hung out and met some really cool people
  3. got to Party Rock with LMFAO
  4. didn't get last place
  5. I was a tigress/feline of some sort
  6. I had fun,,,prior to stealing and pieces of time post
  7. I took pictures...some, but I'll never see them
  8. many people helped me out
  9. I BEAT my 5k time from last year...this year~ 29 minutes
Yeah, I know it isn't amazing but...I can taste a faster time soon~'s to hoping stuff comes up~


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