Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Korean dates (대치)

     One of my favorite things about traveling has to be the fruit. I love spoiling both my body and taste buds with unique and funky produce...and it's much more special when it's personal to a country. Korea has some stuff, nothing I'm too pumped about. We've got persimmons, grande apples, the Jeju clementines, Asian pears, and small yellow melons. Thanks to VT, I'm an apple snob and the fact that there is a ton of variety that used to be easily available to me...I barely drop the cash on these. Persimmons are great but can easily be overdone...(for me) and Asian pears and those melons just aren't bursting with as much flavor as I place the exotic fruits I've met throughout my life.

But...for a small and short time...there are these!
Yum! photo taken by VeganBeats
     Look familiar?
They're usually dried and floating around in teas and for you omnivorous folk, they're in 삼계탕. These are Korean jujubes, also known as daechi (대치). They are great fresh! They have a pit inside so you pop them in, spit out the seed and let your body feel the benefits! The wood that these little fruits come from are actually used to make the body of the traditional musical instrument, the 태평소 (taepyeongso).

Oh and another fun fact...apparently the smell of the plants makes people fall in love~

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