Monday, October 3, 2011

떡볶이 Ddukboek-ki

     Inspired by all the street stalls all over Korea...I whipped up some of this a WHILE ago...떡볶이..More kitchen playing....
     I always see kids and adults alike shoveling this stuff in. I've never been a fan or have ever craved it (even in those horrid 소주nights) but...It is here goes.
photo taken by VeganBeats
Not a very good quality photo but hey, it tasted good.
What you need:
*떡(rice cakes)
*거추장 (hot pepper paste)
*carrots (optional)
*cabbage (optional)
*onions (optional)
*4 cups of water

What to do:
1. in a pan pour in the water and boil over medium heat.
2. Add whatever sliced up veggies you want to add (carrots and cabbage are ESSENTIAL*!~)
3. Add the rice cakes to the water and a ratio of 1 TB of sugar for every 5 TB of hot pepper paste.
4. Keep the mixture boiling over medium and stir until it boils down and the rice cakes look shiny and glazed.
~You can keep adding water and let it boil down, but the rice cakes will get really swollen. I like mine saucey, hence the soup looking picture above ^^*~

Next up is 김치버금밥 (kimchi fried rice)...(maybe...)

deal, 밥 doesn't love me...and same in return. I just can't digest or consume this stuff like everyone around me.

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