Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cocktail hops!~

     There is nothing that closes a tough work week like a beautiful cocktail and beautiful Seouls~ I've come a place where I will admit to myself...I do like drinking. But I have expectations, I want a visually sexy drink, something full-flavored, a nice view, and worth the price. I have no issue shelling over some bills for a glamorous cocktail~
     A handful of months ago, Fat Girls Food Guide and I started kicking off our weekends and wrapping up our work week with cocktails and all sorts of brightness!!

Our very first cocktails together started at Pier 8 in Itaewon. For the life of me...I can't recall what they were...
Cocktails at Pier 8~ photo taken by Veganbeats
     I am very aware that my drinking abilities are limited...two drinks in and I'm a sloppy kid, but the stubborn side of me is a fighter and carrying on for the sake of time with friends carries me forward! The first round (I recall) got my cheeks buzzing...and soon enough my feet were shuffling to a new place that our buddy opened...
     Bulldogs!!! This is a place that specializes in British bangers and though not very vegan friendly (asides from the complementary homemade salt and vinegar popcorn) the drinks are massive and delectable~
Fat Girls Food Guide told me that pimms are a great summer drink from her country and well...that's what we got!
Pimms~ photo taken by Veganbeats
Pimms! This jar is as big as my gut! photo taken by Veganbeats~

     Now I was beyond rosy faced and my feet were dragging like sleepwalkers but we womyned up for round three to Leftcoast burgers! I got a strawberry lemonade vodka with no simple syrup...yumm!!
Leftcoast cocktail~ photo taken by Veganbeats
     This place was wonderful and we did get some grub...but that's for another post~

Anyways...a short "heya" and promises that I'll be back!


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