Sunday, August 24, 2014

Introducing my newest addition~

     I can't even believe this is real...

     Y'all are well aware of my piggy status, forget the "crazy cat human"....I'm the guinea pig gal! I have three ladies currently but the history of my piggy-ness goes back to Squeaky, and my dad.
     My family was always, ALWAYS chatting and discussing raising a every week, we would borrow dog breed VHS s learning about all sorts of dog breeds. We would circle around the tv, dreaming out loud of what we would do with our dog.  Forget that my mom is scared of dogs and whelps when anything with four legs paddles by her...we were dreaming.
    As a way to "prepare" my brother and I for a dog, my dad brought up guinea pigs, he grew up with them and said they're easy and low maintenance. My mom hooked us up with a litter that needed to be rescued god. When we went to the womyn's house...the brought us out into a gated backyard, full of flowers, a giant lazy cat, and a koi pond...within a  few minutes...a messy haired ball scurries by and following it are four teeny tufts of hair. Three were black and white, and one was caramel brown and white, that was my Squeaky. They were Abyssinians (my favorite breed of pig, they look like they've been licked by a thousand cows) and the connection began.
    We never transitioned to dogs...and I've been rescuing piggies since then (since I was 8, yikes!)

    What am I getting at now? 

     I've always dreamed of having a dog, raising it and loving it...walking around with it. I've pet sat since I was a tween and get my puppy and kitten fix doing that, but I still dreamed of rescuing my own little babe.

    After two decades of dreaming...I introduce to you all....
Kuma, my little wolfie bear~ photo taken by VeganBeats

     He is only five weeks old (I know, really young) but he got here on special  because Chris, (his brother) found a home and a courier was they were both rushed to me. Fostering Chris was awesome, though heart breaking...fostering is hard, especially when it's time to say "move forward, lovely one". Chris will soon be home with his family, but Kuma's little brother, William, still needs a home.

     I am beyond blissfully happy and will keep y'all posted with his growth! You can also follow THIS PAGE to get updates and such. If you, or anyone you know would be interested in adopting William, please do inquire. Email:
     We can organize international adoptions as well...

Kuma and Chris on my hand-made dog pillow! ~photo taken by VeganBeats~
snuggling brothers, Chris and Kuma~ photo taken by VeganBeats


sending love and life!~ xxx

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