Saturday, January 4, 2014


     Goals...resolutions...challenges~ I'm genuinely both hopeful and apprehensive about the freshly arrived New Year and...I mean, it's only been (now) four days and I already so much has happened. Instead of listing out "resolutions" I want to provide myself with challenges. I am a stubborn and sore loser and like achieving things, so...thinking that challenges will be more likely OWNED when I try to beat myself at my own game. I'm also giving myself quarter year challenges, monthly challenges, and even weekly challenges.

Weekly challenges:
* go on at least one hour long walk, free of headphones, music, or with a schedule.
*workout and use stretch your muscles at least 3 times a week
*try or work on a new yoga pose
*clean the girl's cage...and no excuses
*keep up with the dishes...or it's 5,000 원 in the vaca bank
*work on realism

Monthly challenges:
*complete one art piece, no matter the size or medium...complete one
*put 500,000 원 in the savings account
*call your family
*email your grandparents
*see your family in Korea
*get out of the house and see least twice

Quarter year challenges:
*have three completed art pieces
*find at least one part of yourself to love
*do one fast/cleanse (total four a year)
*shed 10 seconds off of your mile time
*run one 5K
*learn a new medium, play around with it
*clean up my blog labels!!

They aren't very big or even impressive to most...but...

ugh, One BIG thing I want to work on is finding ways to cherish and love myself. I've been working really hard to keep the daemons on silent and let them do their thing without paying too much attention to them, and sometimes I do such a good job dissociating that I (foolishly) think it's working. I've gone throughout my daily routine, going to work, smiling...etc. And all the while, they're chattering away and whittling away at my (already bleak) self worth and I find myself in the same position at numerous moments throughout the day.

I am brought to tears every time my physical form flashes before me. I want to stop hating myself.

I will learn how to value my characteristics and emotions more and not let them get lost in the misguided and highlighted value in the human form.

Hamlet's loungin~ (Piggy rump!!) photo taken by Veganbeats

Oh~ another plan that's arriving soon!~

Starting on Monday I will be challenging myself to another Master Cleanse....this time though, I will be doing 20 days. I know last time I had to crack at eight...and in the case that I get another scare or mess jazz up, I will challenge my body to it's end and not push it to a point of idiocy!

I'll write about this challenge throughout...WARNING: It may get teensy bits emotional!! haha

loads of love~!

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