Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pickle That Watermelon~

     It is hot in Seoul and I'm determined to actually spend the Summer in the sun...not giving into the fan temptress. Anyone familiar with Korean cuisine knows that once the sweat starts bubbling, the menus and food served changes...a LOT! Summer season (in my opinion) has the BEST Korean food. Pat Bingsu 팥빙수 (icy flakes with sweet red bean, rice cakes, and assorted fruits), naengmyeon 물냉면 (cold ice noodles), kong guksu 콩국수 (soybean broth noodles), bibim naengmyeon 비빔냉면 (spicy buckwheat noodles)...ahhh, it brings me back to the summers where my mom would make cold noodles and my brother and I'd crack the ice cubes in our teeth. ::sigh::
     I'm also wanting to eat a hella load more fruit this Summer...stateside there's loads of watermelon sales...kilos for a dollar OR LESS!! In Korea, 6-7 kilos of the sweet watery fruit hits 13-20,000 won (that's about 12-18 USD!!) I've already gone through five watermelon in the past two months...I plan to eat way way more of them.
     I usually give the outer shell and rinds to my girls, they like to jump inside them and eat the juicy bits~ if only we could play with our food and get away with being heart-stoppingly adorable right? Well, I got a pretty massive watermelon earlier this week and remembered years ago my mom made kimchi with the rind, and being the vinegar lover and pickle peddler I am, I wondered if I could pickle them! Strange enough, the next day, Food Republic wrote an article about doing just that! I got on it like a kid desperate to win twister.

I had to alter the original recipe due to not having any star anise...womp womp~ Chinese pepper to the rescue!! 

Servings: 2 big containers~

*one medium watermelon, about 4-6 kilos
*3 T green tea salt (or salt~)
*3/4 cup coconut sugar
*3/4 cup of white vinegar with 5% acidity
*1-2 T Chinese pepper

What to do:
*Cut and gut the the yummy stuff for whatever your heart and stomach desires!
*Peel the rind off of the watermelon with a veggie peeler and throw away the dark green bits. Cut the white part into 1/2 inch cubes and put them into a big bowl.
*In a separate bowl, mix salt and 3 cups of water and pour over the cubed/cut rinds...let this sit for a day
*Drain the rind and rinse them well, then combine them all with the sugar, vinegar, 3 more cups of water and bring everything to a boil. Once the sugar dissolves, shut off the heat and let it cool down.
*Sprinkle some Chinese pepper in the bottom of the containers you're going to use and once the "pickles" are done, move the rinds into them and cover them with the pickling liquid.

These should store for a week or more...~

cooking up on the stove~ photo taken by VeganBeats
all done and contained!! photo taken by VeganBeats
    Aside from stuffing my gut with watermelon, SoulScience and I have been gallivanting the roads and paths of Seoul with our swanky bikes and making discoveries....I've got more photographs to collect, as there are more places to stumble upon! But we did roll into a massive veggie farm, where I just about melted....natural response when surrounded by cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes....right?
CUKES~~~~ photo taken by VeganBeats
    I'm not the only one enjoying the Summer crop~ Hamlet has a thing where she zombie-mauls any and all tomatoes....
Vampyre Pig~ photo taken by VeganBeats


  1. Hi Sae-hee! How can I get in touch with you personally? I've got a question about your recipe, and I'm wondering if you'd like to contribute it to a larger article about eating seasonally in South Korea. Thanks!

  2. Jacqui~ I'm so sorry, I JUST saw this post!! You can contact me at!!! I would love the opportunity!!