Saturday, August 10, 2013

I've been on a Space adventure...quick~

     I cannot believe how long it's been since I've visited these pages and this world...I've been in a rocket ship and exploring a few other planets, though fun, I'm still needing to check back onto my planet!

     The past couple months have been nothing short of busy, apologies for checking out of the veggie world (not entirely...just the blogger veggie world)~ I've been shoulders deep in my new business and baby, Varyd! It's pronounced "varied" and it's a clothing line owned by myself and my fellow warrior, Rydia. It features all different types of art, designs, and creations! I've been hella pumped about it, and in that, slipping all over obstacles...but the greater the mountain, the better the view!
the Varyd logo~ designed by VeganBeats
     We had a launch and I don't think I slept very well the whole week prior, and diluted all my drinks with my tears...but on the night, everything collected into a positive and loving space and ground point. My friends and loved ones...How can I thank you enough?
Veganbeats wearing "Varyd girl"~ photo taken by Corey Malcom Lajeunesse
     With Varyd, I've been more consumed by art and exploring the creative sides of me that craved to be coddled and snuggled into safety. I've been wrapping my fingers around ink pens and crouched over drawing pads feels wonderful! I've always loved and appreciated art...but after a horrific chain of events (someday I'll I simply couldn't touch my art parts. I stopped writing stores, poems, songs, stopped painting, scratch boarding, drawing...all of it, I couldn't do it.
     Every time I tried or attempted...these awful daemons would tear at my insides and I'd be shaking with an explosion of emotions and thoughts.

It was the darkest and more fearful chaos. 

    But, about two years ago I picked up a pen and started to doodle again and my skills slowly came back...and are still coming back. I've been focused on grouping myself back together again, pulling in the lines that left parts of me so far out at sea.
    I'm going by "Vanessa" more regularly now...I feel like I'm coming back. Parts of me are coming back. With that, I'm still struggling, but I am still challenging myself... (I've discovered a fruit...again~ this will be later)

Anyways...just wanted to check in, say hello, give an interspace hug and...share a few photographs!
progress picture of commissioned record cover!~ by veganbeats
progress and lady practice~ by veganbeats

Check out Vayrd too, there's so many great things happening with it...

Oh yea~ I'm a blonde pony now!!
wearing the sleeveless Varyd logo tank~ photo taken by Corey Malcom Lajeunesse


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