Monday, September 13, 2010

Indie Music...!!!*!~

Just got home from a 14 hour shift...

And with a lot of new music flowing in my ears. While at work I have had the glorious opportunity to check out articles, recent album reviews, new coming bands, etc. I feel like I haven't been that invested in the music scene in far too long and with my work schedule I barely get a chance to go to any shows...and with Korea in the works...I doubt I'll really get a show opp anytime soon, let alone a weekend.

Being into Wilco lately I'll start with the main man Jeff Tweedy, before forming Wilco he was in a band called Uncle Tupelo. He and lead man Jay Farrar started to have a rather negative relationship and the band ultimately broke up, after only making four albums. Jeff Tweedy was able to convince the rest of the band to stick with him and they made Wilco. Anyways, Uncle Tupelo is pretty good, a bit more twangy but you can tell that Jeff is involved.

Saddle creek Records puts out some GREAT bands, at least in my eyes and to my ears. Bright eyes, Cursive, and now I've just introduced myself to Land of Talk. I started listening to their new album, Cloak and Cipher because of the Providence Phoenix and Boston Phoenix, great resources around my area for music. Anyways, I saw Saddle Creek penned next to them and I had to give a listen, it's a bit indie rock, and well, classic saddle creek energy. The song "Goaltime Exposure" is great though, it catches you. Here is the review on their album.

I'll stop after this band, I have a lot more, but I don't want to take up too much reading or listening time, three bands too check out, not too overwhelming right?
Alright, so band numero do you feel about Vampire Weekend? A bunch of preppy cute Indie guys with dancey fun tunes, I enjoy them. I can't help but sing along and want to drive by the beach with the sun beating on me while the winds rushes through my hair...There's something about them, maybe it's the memories I associate with them. The laughter filled rooms of my family crew with joints jostling between all of us at the end of the semester, or day really. I hear them, I think of my crew...anyways, a new testament to this type of music.

The Walkmen, their most recent album is Lisbon, and these guys are great! They bring an obscure and warming twist, Vampire Weekend is the band you can introduce your parents to, The Walkmen is the crew you might run out your door to meet with, never for parent's eyes to see. They're indie (of course) but edgy, talented, and majorly improved from their other albums. I enjoyed this album, it was a darker dance...give a listen. And again, here is their album review from Phoenix.

I've stumbled on many many more bands, but I'll keep it Indie themed today...which may be a trend for a bit. But soon I'll have some more earful pleasures.

I have seven hours until my next shift..


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