Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Brisky Brussels with some Spice*!~

This is a warming winter dish that during the college times I whipped up

Brussels sprouts are in season November to mid-February, and in Vermont they were everywhere. I tend to always go for whatever produce is in season...I kind of feel like a dinosaur eating these tiny cabbages, rampaging on some farm...anyways...

What you need: (I apologize in advance, I didn't do much measuring in College)
*about half a pound of Brussels sprouts of a package Brussels sprouts (Trader Joe's microwave packs)
*1-3 cloves garlic chopped (love me some garlic)
*1/4th-1/2 block tofu (silken or firm) and cubed
*some sesame oil
*a little olive/veggie oil
*curry powder (up to you how much)
*1-3 tablespoon soy sauce or bragg's liquid aminos...or tamari
*1/3 cup water

What you're going to do:
1. prepare the brussels sprouts by either boiling or steaming them
2. While steaming, heat up some sesame oil in a fry pan and saute the garlic at medium high
3. Pat the tofu as dry as you can and add to the frypan
4. Once the Brussels are bright green, cut then into fourths and add to the fry pan
5. cook everything for about 3 minutes then add the soy sauce (of whatever you're using)
6. After about 2 minutes, add the water and curry powder
7. Heat off most of the water and eat it alone, on a bed of lettuce, spinach, with rice, with anything really.

This dish is speedy, full of fiber and yummy!

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