Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Peace 2012...heya 2013~

     2012 is wrapped up and out the door and when I make the conscious choice to reflect on what the past 365 days has brought me, granted me, and taught me I can't think anything but "what a ride."
     2012 kicked off with hiking...but throughout this year my mother and brother visiting, went to Seoul Fashion Week, got introduced to HipHop, found love, learned and explored the art of photography, ran a race or two, went to the Philippines, lost my harabugi, got two little babies, lost Goguma, went home to my best friend's wedding, lost Binger, reconnected with BQ buddies, reconnected and embraced art, did a music video (or two~ look below for the videos!)...I've grown, challenged myself, faced obstacles (and overcame them), fell on my knees, cried for days, baked more, made active moves to take care of myself, stripped out some negativity, and become more healthily-selfish.
     It's been a turbulent year, but there are a handful of silverlinings and so many lessons I've taken with me. I look forward to 2013...

Some goals for this new year~
   Setting up short-term ones so that when I achieve them, I'll feel that much more motivated to continue!

  1. eat breakfast everyday...if you don't have time, throw an apple in your bag. 
  2. finish one art piece each month (at least one...the more the better)
  3. gluten-free, cut out and decrease the amount of my gluten intake
  4. yoga 4/7 days a week (work up to 2 hours practice)
  5. gym time at least 3/7 times a week
  6. never miss a day of work...you will save more money and be free of guilt (work focused)
  7. snuggle all the girls daily (I already do, but keep this up!)
  8. DON'T eat after 7pm...it'll postpone sleep time and you'll feel better if you keep this one
  9. if I do get hungry, drink tea/water and if my stomach is still screaming and I have no will-power (am weak) go for an apple, cucumber, orange, grapefruit, or half a carrot. 
  10. at a certain point, just go to sleep. No matter the "due" date or how necessary you think something is, a good nights rest will be more rewarding...sleep.
  11. visit family once a month, give them a call too!
  12. Keep up with the dishes, the filled sink won't be so painful then
  13. walk a mile (or more) a day...this is easy, just do it. 
  14. skype family at least once a month (been good with this, keep it up)
  15. be easier on yourself...
Happy New Year from Mandu, Hamlet, and Gamja~ photo taken by VeganBeats

Happy New Year...welcome 2013~

Beautiful Stars, Black Ilumin
Black Light Jellyfish, Lookas Roar

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