Monday, May 28, 2012

Scotty Soul, Seoul's Best Beats

Scotty Soul rhyming~ (photo taken by VeganBeats)
     Ignorance is a consistent weakness that infects everyone. It's the greatest "boss" in every game level. Whether leaking from you or from those around's there. 
     When it came to hiphop and rhyming I was very much ignorant, and admittedly may still be (I've got more to learn). I judged hiphop off of the scene and mainstream "rappers" who are honeslty shit...scrape the side of a week old bowl and try to judge the dish, does not work, there is no justice, and your basing opinion and thought on something ridden with mold; fungus lacking a lot of originality and quality. 
     My introduction to hiphop came about a bit late and throughout the brief (hahah barely) infatuation with a guy in highschool, he liked 50 Cent therefor I started to "like" 50, and I mean "Many Men" gets me feeling slightly badass but it's really not quality, articulate, intellectual music. Shake your hips, puff up your chest, snarl them teeth. Eventually, I discovered the likes of Brother Ali, Neneh Cherry, Lauren Hill...intellectual vocal artists.        
     Allowing my ears to further enter hiphop I connected to the vocals, the lyrics were where all the talent was, at least I thought so. I used to believe that the beats were stolen sounds from other, more intricate and talent-ridden songs, so I cast aside hiphop music as a cheating creation. Here is more about how moving to Seoul has opened my heart up. Hearing the like of Black Ilumin, Jake Pains (Wisecrue) and being influenced by a community of hiphop enthusiasts, I have discovered that aside from the quick and intellectual rhymes, the beats are a complex creative system. 
     One of the most novel, and humble beatmakers here happens to also be a brilliant human being. He has created deeply eccentric and soulful beats for artists such as Black Ilumin, Jake Pains, Wisecrue, Childish aka 13 Stepz, DA Green, done collaborations with DJ Fenner, and countless others. I'm talking none other than Scotty Soul. 
     Scotty Soul is a music producer (and beat maker) from Durban, South Africa where a genuine love for music, open heart and mind, and a natural relationship with composition, rhythm, and melody have inspired a varied collection of beats that "speak" for themselves. The following is taken directly from his Soundcloud page:

     Scotty Soul is a music producer from Durban, South Africa. His interest in music started early, stemming from a family well-versed in many musical genres. His shift from being a mere listener to an active participant began with a foray into musical production after high school. A sharp ear for melody and composition quickly gained him a legion of admirers in the Durban underground hip hop scene. This prompted collaborations that would see him feature on Durban’s classic ‘Terminally Ill’ releases. Crafting a sound that paid homage to tradition whilst still pushing boundaries; his work spread beyond the Durban hip hop scene, with tracks featuring on Quiksilver Board Riders TV and Session Skateboarding DVD releases. Yet, it was placing first in the production category of Durban’s only nationally recognised hip hop competition, the Life Check All Elements Battle, that cemented his reputation as one of South Africa’s rising musical talents. Proving this was no fluke, he returned to claim second place (debatable) in the same competition, in 2010. He has worked with some of South Africa’s leading hip hop artists, including Black Moss, Jet Wentworth, Iain ‘Ewok’ Robinson, and Niche Fam amongst others. His inventive production on Ewok’s ‘Higher Flyer for Hire’ was widely acclaimed and the Scotty Soul produced Niche Fam single ‘And the beat goes’ reached the top three of the Yfm unsigned chart. Not one to be confined by borders, his work has caught the attention of international acts leading to tracks with groups/artists like Black Illumin (USA/Korea), Benny Fax (USA/Korea), Childish aka 13 Stepz (USA/Korea), DA Green (USA/Korea), Dzick (Poland), Enterprise (Greece), Jake Pains (UK), SARS (Canada), and Lost Children of Babylon (LCOB) founder Rasul Allah (USA). He has released two solo beat tapes ‘The Soul that Soared’ and ‘Seoul Searching’ as free digital downloads from his SoundCloud home page. He currently works and resides in South Korea, where he has performed at various events and received airplay on numerous radio stations. This year sees him working on the next installment in his beat tape series as well as continuing to push out the rousing, soulful sound that has earned near-unanimous appreciation wherever it’s heard. Keep your ears to the street for his next beat tape “Soulstice”.

     Hearing his collaborations with artists and observing how some of the productions are made, I am genuinely and fully impressed and thankful. Beat making isn't the simple building that I once believed it to be. Beat making is a clear art form, riddled with complexities, and intricate ideas being weaved together. There are subtle messages low-lighted expressions and linking stories that deserve several listenings. My mind has been opened, my ears teased with a grander musical world, and I've learned to appreciate beats and hiphop on a larger scale. Scotty Soul's work is well worth an ear pleasin', allow some inspiration to come your way!

As far as VeganBeats~ I'm not done learning^ㅊ^*. 
photo taken by VeganBeats
Here are some of Scotty Soul'd Digital Downloads:
Scotty Soul – The Soul that Soared
Scotty Soul – A Seoul Story 

Check out his page on soundcloud
Contact Scotty Soul, if you want something stellar to lay your voice on~

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